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Last updated: September 13, 2018

5 Tips That Will Make You a Way Better Barber

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The old school barbers (and former BTC On Paper cover guys) that comprise the Schorem team in Rotterdam are easily among the top barbering pros in the world. They’re recognized as perfectionists and technical experts with the ability to marry the tried and true with cutting edge style. So we wondered—what do they think stylists absolutely need to know to raise their barbering games?



1. Razor courtesy
Clients might get a little nervous when you’re wielding a razor, so make sure you’re always visible. Rather than moving behind your clients as you shave, always position yourself in plain sight so he can see where the razor is at all times.


2. All thumbs
When using your shears to taper, be sure you’re using just your thumb so that the lower blade remains perfectly still. This takes lots of experience to master, and should be practiced from day one!


3. Ask permission
Before removing long eyebrow, nose or ear hairs, ask the client if it’s OK to proceed. Some patrons are very proud of their bushy brows—in certain cultures they’re a symbol of wisdom! Also, certain clients may not be comfortable when scissors are wielded near these areas on their faces.


4. Unblock
We believe barbers should always taper the nape. Blocked necklines invariably begin to look horrible after a few days!


5. One hand behind your back
When shaving a client, keep your left hand on your back in order to keep it dry. That way, you will always have a dry hand to use to stretch the skin without slipping.


*Note: Be sure to check your state’s barbering license laws


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