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March 18, 2016

The Ultimate Pompadour How-To


The Ultimate Pompadour How-To

A modern classic: Crew’s Pomp

It’s been slicked back, tousled, modified and magnified.  But ever since Elvis and his ’50s rock ‘n roll buddies put it on the style radar, every form of the pomp earns the distinction of the coolest of men’s haircuts.  Everyone from Beckham to Bieber has rocked this shape at some point in time.  And it’s a classic for a reason—it suits a variety of hair types and ages; the tight sides and towering top form the ultimate, masculine silhouette and it can be styled up in dozens of ways.  American Crew recently announced a new campaign featuring a young and rebellious Elvis Presley, and in honor of the King, they recreated this modern version of the classic pompadour.


  • 1

    Create a high, horseshoe parting at the top of the recession point to separate top and bottom.

  • 2

    Use a clipper over comb cutting in vertical panels with a large clipper comb and a #1 blade to establish the basic head shape. Create a square or slightly graduated shape.

  • 3

    At the center back, pivot the comb from a slightly graduated shape under the occipital to a square shape above the occipital.

  • 4

    Using side-to-side sections across the top of the head, connect by removing the corner at the center of the head. Maintain top lengths by cutting only at thecenter top, and overdirect to the previous to maintain length at the front hairline.

  • 5

    Using a large clipper comb and a #1 blade, blend from scalp-covered interior to a perfect tailored fit with no length at the hairline. Cut-over-comb and use fanning to set in the final shape

  • 6

    Refine the area near the ear and at the sideburn with a #000 blade.

  • 7

    With a razor, slide-cut the hair in isolated areas where support is required, from 1 to 3 inches off of the scalp. The razor should be tilted slightly beyond parallel to hair. Work against the natural fall to fight gravity. Cut only to elevate—not to separate.

  • 8

    For a polished, high-hold finish with memory, use a generous amount of American Crew Firm Hold Gel. Apply to damp hair to avoid diluting the product.

  • 9

    Begin rough-drying the hair, shaping and elevating the style with your hands.

  • 10

    With high tension, use a boar bristle brush to lift the hair at the front hairline and then bend it back.

  • 11

    While completing the styling, assess the shape to ensure the silhouette is solid.  Finish by applying a small amount of American Crew Pomade over the surface, and use a paddle brush to lift the front and smooth the sides.

  • 12