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June 1, 2017

Justin Timberlake-Inspired Fade


Justin Timberlake-Inspired Fade

This is for the man who runs a 5K before heading to a black-tie event. You know who we are talking about. He’s always on the go and he is always looking his best. Using precision trimming, this cut includes a short fade on the sides with a textured top. It’s easy to maintain and gives off a freshly-groomed vibe. Here is how the Esquire Groomers created the cut and style.

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  • 1

    After the hair has been shampooed and dried, use the Esquire Clipper with the #1 comb attachment and the lever closed. Create a medium fade in the temple area with a C-stroke motion.

  • 2

    When completed, open the lever and continue to fade upward 1/4-inch continuing with the C-stroke motion.

  • 3

    Next, replace the #1 guard with the #2 guard attachment and fade upward another 1/4-inch, continuing with the same C-stroke motion.

  • 4

    Using scissors, trim the top area to finger length. For added texture use thinning shears throughout the top area.

  • 5

    Using the Esquire Trimmer with the T-Blade attachment, shape the neckline and groom ear hairs using a corner technique.

  • 6

    Continue Step 5.

  • 7

    To begin styling, apply a small amount of the Esquire Shaper for a strong hold and low shine. Distribute evenly.

  • 8

    Using the Esquire Hand Brush Dryer, dry the top section smooth while creating some texture.

  • 9

    Finished Look

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