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June 27, 2017

Ryan Gosling-Inspired Side Sweep


Ryan Gosling-Inspired Side Sweep

This side-swept style is ideal for the guy who’s after a more professional look. The slightly off-center part is the focal point and the cut includes short tapered sides and a texturized top. Plus, with the Esquire Hand Brush Dryer and the right styling products, he can easily style his own hair while thinking about his next big move. Here’s how the Esquire Groomers created the cut and style.

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    After shampooing, prep the hair by applying a small amount of the Esquire Grooming Thickening Cream. Then, using the Esquire Grooming Clipper with the #1 comb attachment and lever open, begin to fade the hair from the nape area to the temple to create a mid-fade.

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    Using the Esquire Grooming Clipper with the #2 comb attachment and lever closed, continue fading upward 1/4-inch to begin blending the top and the back.

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    Continue to blend the top and crown area with a scissor-over-comb technique to shorten the length.

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    Next, use the Esquire Grooming 5-Piece Trimmer to clean up the sideburns and the neckline for a well-groomed look.

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    To finish, use scissors to trim the top to the desired length.

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    To style the hair, add a small amount of the Esquire Grooming Clay and distribute evenly throughout the top section. Comb the hair back to smooth and create a slightly off-side middle part.

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    Using the Hand Brush Dryer, direct the top section in a backward motion while maintaining the defined off-side part. Then comb hair in place.

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    The finished look!

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