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December 18, 2016

Loose Length


Loose Length

This look is great for guys who want that slightly longer style, but don’t want anything too extreme or high maintenance. This loose, wavy cut and styling how-to will show you exactly how to control his subtle chaos. And once the look is complete, we recommend suggesting a cleaner-looking shave to keep the attention on his hair. Here’s how to make the look come to life.


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  • 1

    Create a horseshoe parting at the top of the head following the partial ridge. Next, create a guideline in the center back holding the hair at a 90-degree angle.


  • 2

    Cut the hair following a traveling guide from the center back to behind the ear.


  • 3

    Repeat on the other side and in the back, keeping your hands palm-to-palm.


  • 4

    Connect the temple area to the guideline behind the ear to create increased length.


  • 5

    Connect the top middle part to the length below the crown area to create a stationary guide. Cut using gradation for a soft perimeter.


  • 6

    Using a stationary guide from the crown, connect to the front perimeter.


  • 7

    Cut the perimeter at the sides and nape.

  • 8

    Detail the perimeter with The Esquire Five Piece Trimmer.


  • 9

    Apply The Esquire Texture Gel for hold.

  • 10

    Finish styling/drying the hair with The Esquire Brush Dryer.


  • 11

    Finished Look