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Last updated: September 28, 2017

7 Cutting Tips We Learned at America’s Beauty Show 2017

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Let’s get real—as much as we love scouring the show floor of America’s Beauty Show for cool, new products, the best thing about the show is the education! Couldn’t make it to Chicago for the weekend? BTC always makes sure to leave with at least a few new tricks up our sleeve. Here are seven of our favorite cutting tips. And be sure to check out our styling and coloring tips, too! 


1. American Crew’s Brilliant Add-On Service Idea 
Looking for a new add-on service for your male clientele? American Crew’s new skincare and shave line is crucial to this shave service, which you can do without a barber’s license (and it will definitely keep those men coming back to your chair)!



2. Hugo Urias’ Advice for Cutting a Blunt Line  
When cutting a super blunt, sleek line, make sure to keep your guiding finger still, says Redken Artist Hugo Urias. Watch Hugo show you his trick for making sure your guide never moves.



3. The Esquire Barbers’ Classic Fade Technique
The Esquire Groomers know all about what the modern man wants—and right now, your guys want fades. Watch and learn how to create the perfect fade on any man in your chair.



4. Roy Jay White’s “Chop Suey” Texturizing Technique
Here’s a texturizing technique from Hattori Hanzo Stylist Roy Jay White that will help you customize your haircuts to the shape of your client’s head AND relieve pressure in your shoulders. Win-win.



5. How Miguel Rosas Uses White Eyeliner 
Barbering star and Wahl Educator Miguel Rosas’ (@newstyle84) “Tattoo Artist” class was jam-packed with tips and tricks for fading, blending, etching and even creating his signature hair portraits. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice from Miguel.


If you’re new to hair tattoos, start out by using a white eyeliner pencil to draw on the head first. That way if your design doesn’t look exactly how you want it to look, you can wipe it off and redo it. Once it looks right, you can go in and outline it with your clippers. Then, if you want an even more precise line, finish your design with a straight razor.


6. And His Tip for Hair Tattoo Beginners
Beginners should also always start with simplified versions of designs. For instance, instead of creating a design from a photo of a flower, find the clipart version of that flower. For portraits, Google stencilized versions of faces to use as templates. Elvis, Biggie Smalls and Tupac all have an endless supply of stencil versions!  And if you’re looking for inspiration for freestyle designs? Miguel says to Google “tribal flash art” for endless design inspiration. 



7. Using Your Hand Like a Protractor
When creating curved line designs on the round of the head, use your pointer and middle fingers like a protractor, keeping these fingers in one spot and rotating your clippers around them.