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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Dry-Cutting Long Layers

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Watch: Dry-Cutting Long Layers & Adding Texture
We all have those long-haired clients who want a “fresh chop” without removing any length, so here’s a dry-cutting technique for creating long, face-framing layers they’ll love! LA cutter Philip Wolff (@philipwolffhair) was onstage with Ulta Beauty at America’s Beauty Show breaking down how to cut a dramatic framing effect, add texture and utilize a dryer in your haircut routine. Check it all out below!


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Get The Steps & Check Out The Video How-To Below


1. Section the hair from behind the ears forward on both sides of the head. Study the client’s features and determine where to place Point A—Philip chose the jawline to create a dramatic framing effect. Point B will be closest to the ear where no length is removed. 


Check out the visual below!


2. Starting on one side, hold the section and elevate to 10 degrees (maintaining the natural fall pattern) and comb through. Then, connect the points by carefully carve-cutting and keeping the shears pointed directly toward Point B to prevent excessive hair removal. Repeat on the opposite side.


Watch Philip demo this technique in the video how-to below!


3. Then, apply Matrix Style Link Texture Builder and blow-dry around the face frame—this will allow you to see and enhance the shape. Blow-dry away from the face using The Power Styler attachment to add volume and shine.


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4. After, go back into the money piece section and use texturizing shears throughout the ends to blend the layers.


5. In the back section, avoid point-cutting in only one direction. Instead, point-cut the hair toward the center to create even movement throughout the bottom that pushes the hair forward on both sides.


BOOM. The haircut your long-haired clients want!



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