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Cut Your Blow Dry Time in Half with The Power Styler

This unique attachment allows you to blow-dry and straighten hair simultaneously—saving you time in your appointments and achieving perfect, polished blow-dries that will last and last! The Power Styler consists of two high-quality, ceramic-coated plates that smooth the hair cuticle, leaving hair looking healthy and shiny. The durable, repositionable clips allow the Power Styler to be fitted onto almost all straight-edged hairdryer nozzles. It will help set any style—from straight to wavy to curly—for much longer than the traditional blow-dry. Better yet—you’ll cut your drying time in half!

(SAVE $5) $34.95 2-Pack (Pink & Black)

(SAVE $15) $44.95 3-Pack (Pink, Black & Turquoise)


· Speed Up Your Blow-Drying Time
· Create Longer Lasting Blow-Dries
· Clips onto Any Straight-Edged Hairdryer Nozzle
· Sets any Style: Straight, Wavy or Curly

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Here’s what customers have been saying:

“Bought this last week and I’m a fan of a good blow dry. It is worth the investment and truly does what it says! Smoother and Bouncy. It’s a fab 10 outta 10 from me!” Lisa Reynolds

“I looove mine. Makes blow drying much faster. It is ceramic so its designed to hold heat and act like a straightening iron. It smoothes the cuticle right down whilst still giving body if thats how its blowdryed. Its not saying you cant do these blow dries with out the powerstyler. I personally love mine.” Ashleigh Cole