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Last updated: November 22, 2022

5 Tips To Upgrade Your Cutting, Blonding & Styling Techniques

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5 Unique Tips To Master Your Client’s Biggest Requests 

We brought the biggest names in hair to Nashville for one day of on-trend and in-demand education! If you couldn’t make it, scroll through this list of five must-know tips from cutting to blonding and styling to nail your client’s biggest requests. Just remember—this is only a peek into what went down onstage! 


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1. Cutting Tips For Detailed Long Layers 

We all know how to cut long layers, but the refined detail work is really what makes a huge difference. ARC™ Scissors team member Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney) shares a few secrets to his signature 6-Figure haircut. 


Here’s a few things to keep in mind when cutting long layers:

  • Ask your client to stand up when you cut the perimeter. 
  • Flip your cape around to avoid the seam or buttons disrupting the hair’s natural fall. 
  • Section out the underneath of the hair in a triangle section to create a blunt, internal perimeter that will help long layers grow out seamlessly. 


Pro Tip: Matt’s go-to scissor for seamless long layers is the ARC™ Scissors’ NEW The Curve 5.5″. Find your perfect fit of pro-recommended scissors here



2. Use Triangle Sectioning With Hybrid Weaves For BRIGHT Blondes

“You have to keep in mind, the direction your triangle is pointing will make a big difference in the way your color flows,” explains Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member Sean Godard (@seangodard)


To create bright pops of blonde that burst through every section, try this:

  • Section off a triangle, making sure the narrow tip is facing upwards. 
  • Next, weave out a “hybrid stitch” that begins as a slice near the hairline and flows into a regular weave. 

This technique works in two ways—the triangle section creates a foundation for color with movement and the hybrid stitch ensures the brightest blonde will be closest to the client’s face.  


Pro Tip: Sean recommends elevating each section and paint on the lightener before adding the foil. Check out his full technique from Hair Color Segment #1 here!




3. For A Seamless Glam Ponytail, Backcomb The Hair In U-Shaped Sections

Special event styling specialist Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph) shared her secret to creating a seamless high pony with fringe. “You never want the fringe and the ponytail to look like they’re disconnected,” explains Stephanie. “It’s important to have a seamless transition from the very front all through the back.”


Here’s the styling secret:

  • Create U-shaped partings for every section that will need backcombing. Sectioning in the shape of the head will create a gradual transition instead of a disconnected look.
  • When backcombing, do not begin at the root. Create a softer, fluffed-out backcomb by inserting the comb a few inches away from the root before combing down for natural-looking volume. 
  • Be conscious of how far back the part goes. Letting the part go too far back will create an unsymmetrical finished ponytail. 


Check out Stephanie’s voluminous pony from BTC “On Tour” Nashville here:


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4. How To Style Trending Haircuts Like Butterfly Layers

Authentic Beauty Concept Artist Justin Toves-Vincilione (@ahappyjustin) demos his styling tips for the viral Butterfly haircut trend. “When we see trending haircuts on Pinterest or, the cut is important but how you style your guest is what makes the biggest difference,” says Justin. 


Justin’s blowout tips for bouncy layers on any haircut:

  • For a smooth curl with bounce, angle the round brush in same the direction that the section was cut.
  • Notice below when Justin holds his section straight up (trying to create volume) most of the layers fall out of his round brush. When he angles his brush forward (the SAME way he cut the section) the ends are full and each layer curls around the brush seamlessly. 



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5. How To Avoid Over-Lightening Fine Hair

“When fine-haired clients who have previous bleach on their hair come in for a balayage service, you have to be really strategic where you reapply lightener,” explains Alfaparf Milano Technical Director Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers (@watchmyhairbounce).


To blend the previous lightened sections and new growth with fresh foils, here’s what you can do:

  • Concentrate foils around the hairline, this creates the look of all-over blonde without the risk of damaging fine hair. 
  • Leave depth in between your foils for a brighter impact. “Use what you have,” says Jeannetta. Take advantage of your client’s natural color to use for a bright contrast.
  • Use a small amount of bricklay foils through the head to connect brightness from the root to the ends. 



Rewatch the ENTIRE show with more demos and tips like these at home (or in the salon with your besties)!