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Last updated: March 14, 2019

WATCH: Textured Midlength Chop From @philipwolffhair

Philip Wolff Hair Creates A Cool Midlength Chop
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WATCH: Textured Midlength Chop From @philipwolffhair

For a collarbone-length chop that makes you stop mid-scroll on Instagram, it’s gotta have it all—texture, layers, movement, and of course, that cool-girl vibe. BTC team member Philip Wolff (@philipwolffhair) knows the cut better than most—so we pulled a quickie video demonstrating the cut and a few of his tips for creating cool texture. 


WATCH: Quickie Textured Midlength Chop


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Quick tips On @philipwolffhair’s signature cut:

To create movement…

Philip avoids point-cutting in one direction when working in the back section. Instead, he point-cuts the hair toward the center to keep the hair moving freely and to avoid it only swinging in one direction once dry. 



To add detail and texture…

Philip uses progressive techniques on dry hair—pulling the hair forward and then flipping it backward before carve-cutting weight or point-cutting the details. Use this technique along the face for a major framing effect. 



To create the ultimate finish…

Philip uses The Re-Bond 3-Step Strength Rehab System from Matrix before cutting. Use all three steps—1. Shampoo and rinse, 2. Pre-Conditioner, then layer 3. Conditioner on top of Step 2 and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing. “You can feel the hair is smoother with less tangles after rinsing, and after it dries, the shine just appears,” says Philip. “It’s a quick add-on service that keeps hair super healthy and only takes a few extra minutes.”


Philip Wolff Hair Creates A Cool Midlength Chop
Finished look.




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