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Last updated: February 14, 2023

5 Steps You Must Take To Build A Strong Salon Culture

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5 Tips For Salon Success From Six-Figure Stylists

Ever wondered what the secret to a successful salon is? Regardless of where you’re at in your career, you’ve thought about it more than once or twice. We spoke to Ulta Beauty Elite Hair Designers Enza Bucaro (@enzaulta) and Jurate Soyferman (@hairbyjsulta) about non-negotiables for building success through a strong salon culture of stylists who work hard and earn more.


Keep scrolling to read expert advice on teamwork, business strategy and how to earn six figures as a hairstylist.


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1. Strong teams encourage success from within.

We’ve all heard the memeable “Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss” mantra at some point. Unfortunately—however fun it is to say—that line of thinking isn’t going to get you far behind the chair.


“The key to cultivating a great salon culture is everyone needs to work together and be happy for each other’s successes,” Enza explains. “Be willing to share your knowledge [with] those who want to learn. If someone is struggling, help them out.”


As an Elite Stylist, Jurate goes out of her way to be reliable to both clients and fellow stylists. “My peers feel comfortable enough to ask me color formulation opinions when they’re unsure or just want to share ideas,” she says.


Pro tip: Avoid gossip at all cost. Gossip is unprofessional and makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Plus, clients are likely to pick up on the negative energy!


Enza’s career milestones are proudly celebrated as a team:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @enzaulta


2. Ask yourself: Does your salon help or hinder you?

Whether you want to expand your service menu or continue your education, your salon needs to stand behind you. For Enza and Jurate, Ulta Beauty’s salon culture made it easier to reach more clients and achieve their goals.


Ulta Beauty has provided a continual stream of potential clients shopping at the store, which has allowed me to steadily grow my salon business over the years,” says Enza. “This past year, [they have] has also provided me [with] several assistants and it has helped me not only perform more services, but has also allowed me to grow as a professional by mentoring others.”


Jurate also praises Ulta Beauty’s open chair concept and circle of referrals. “If I walk down one of the hair product aisles and help a guest with product questions, I always give them my business card and it usually doesn’t take long for me to see them on my schedule for a service,” she says. “We also love sending our salon guests to the Brow Bar and the makeup artists on the floor, and they do the same for us!”


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Jurate with Ulta Beauty Senior Vice President of Store and Services Operations Nick Stenson (@nickstenson) at the Ulta Beauty General Manager Conference:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbyjsulta


3. A new year needs a new business strategy. 

Coming into 2023, it’s critical that stylists take a step back and evaluate what they need to focus on to reach their goals. Instead of trying to fix everything, focus on what changes are necessary to earn more.


Invest in continued education to make time for more clients. Jurate’s advice: “Always update your knowledge to better the quality of your service and to learn more efficient time saving techniques. Be in the know of new ideas and trends in the hair industry.”


Build a strong relationship with your clientele. “Focus on building trust and be honest with clients…Stylists can grow their business through referrals,” Enza shares. Enza also utilizes Ulta Beauty’s referral program—which incentivizes guests to refer their friends and family by offering them a discount on future services. She also maintains her professional presence of social media. Both have seated plenty of new clients in her chair.”


Working for Ulta Beauty has led Enza to become a part of her clients’ most special moments—like this cutie’s first haircut:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @enzaulta


4. Want to earn six figures? Here’s what you need to do.

If you’re aiming to earn six figures behind the chair, Enza and Jurate have some advice for you: Get out of your comfort zone. Learn new techniques, keep up with trends, and polish your skills to make every client experience a memorable one.


I am constantly educating myself still 25 years later,” Enza says. “I have been fortunate that Ulta has provided me with an education from Redken Exchange as a reward for hitting certain performance standards starting in 2004. I have attended Redken Exchange multiple times over the years and have been taught various haircuts, color [formulas] and techniques that I continue to use daily.”


As for Jurate, it’s as easy as saying “yes” more often. “I’ve been challenging myself to do as much as I can to give the guest what they want and have expanded my boundaries by doing so. Sometimes you have to be extra confident and get in there,” she says. For example, you could consider adding extensions to your service menu, or opening a small nail or brow bar.


The secret? Investing in education = earning more money.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @enzaulta


More tips from Enza and Jurate:


  • Always rebook at the end of a service and confirm appointments twice to prevent no-shows.
  • Make notes about formulas/products for each client for next time. This shows clients you care!
  • Never stop learning! “The more skills you acquire and the more time you spend behind the chair, the more successful you’ll become,” Jurate promises.


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5. Control of your service menu = control of your profit.

You’ve done the work. Your skill-set is evolving and you’re building a loyal clientele—don’t let an outdated pricing model hold you back. As you start to book out speciality services, reevaluate your menu.


“When it comes to pricing and booking options, I always have full control of my services because I can upsell and add any services a client needs,” Enza says. “I have never felt limited in any way.”


“If there is ever a special circumstance, I just partner with one of my managers and they are always supportive of my business decisions. I have never felt trapped with a certain price point,” Jurate adds.


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