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Last updated: May 01, 2008

Graham Webb “Modern Box Bob” by Nick Arrojo

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Graham Webb “Modern Box Bob” by Nick Arrojo

Graham Webb and Nick Arrojo are back with another gorgeous Step-by-step from the “Modern Icon” Collection!  This “Modern Box Bob” Step-by-step updates the classic bob with a unique twist: an updated graduation and an element of disconnection. 

The strong, geometric shape also solves the challenge of chemically treated hair by giving the appearance of strong, healthy hair, especially when paired with the Graham Webb Silk Repair regimen.

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    Begin by preparing the hair with Silk Repair Thermal Care Shampoo and
    30-Second Sheer Conditioner. Towel-dry hair and apply Silk Repair Silk Protein Leave-in Conditioner.

    SECTIONING: Begin by creating a horseshoe parting, starting just above the temples and moving through the crown. Clip to secure that section.

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    Create a vertical parting at the front side of the top of the ear. Subdivide that section and clip and secure top section.

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    Create a diagonal guide, starting at the bottom of the earlobe and moving toward the corner of the mouth. Use tension when cutting with shears.  Bring section down to meet guide.

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    The Nape: Using the guide from the front, create a small section behind the ear and part down to the nape. Take the first section. Comb down and cut a 45-degree angle and gradually move
    to 90 degrees at the nape.

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    Continue working up the head with diagonal partings, making sure to overdirect as you comb. Continue to follow your guide until you overlap on the other side. Stop. Turn head and repeat on the other side.

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    Once you have created a triangular section in the back, stop.  Release remaining section and check for balance at the neckline.  Make refinements.  Continue working by alternating each side of triangle section until back is blended.  Once the back is complete, check for balance of graduation and symmetry. Move to fringe area.

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    The Fringe Parting: Remove top section, comb down and create a side part. Create a deep triangle parting within the fringe area. Clip to secure.
    The Crown: Comb remaining hair down. Starting at the crown, quarter-part the back of the head from crown to nape and ear to ear.
    Taking slightly diagonal sections from center of part, overdirect hair backward to connect to the top of previous section.

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    Continue working toward the front, making sure to overdirect hair. As you do this, you will create a new guide. This will give you a slight “overhang” effect and will develop a disconnection.
    Repeat on opposite side.
    Fringe Section: Return to the fringe section and release from clip.

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    Blow-dry with a Denman® brush, following the contour of the head. Create shape on ends of the hair.
    Finish: Once blow-dry is complete, individualize the cut by softening the top layer, using a point-cutting technique. Start at the back of the head and work around. Make final refinements and finish by spraying High Gloss Spray to hands and working through hair for
    body, sheen and separation.
    This simple variation on the bob maintains a strong geometric feel while still feeling soft and feminine. The techniques can be adjusted to personalize the haircut for every client. Depending on each person’s individual hair type and texture, the at-home styling regimen can be
    adjusted to provide extraordinary results.

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    Starting at the part, connect fringe by overdirecting back, using elevation with each section.
    Once fringe is complete, move hair around, looking for symmetry and shape. Make refinements and prepare for blow dry.
    Styling: Apply Brit Style Thickening and Volumizing Spray throughout hair and work with hands.  Add Brit Style Shine Serum to midshaft to ends.

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