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Last updated: February 28, 2008

Graham Webb “Modern Long Layer” by Nick Arrojo

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Graham Webb “Modern Long Layer” by Nick Arrojo

Nick Arrojo shows you the “Modern Long Layer” overview from the Graham Webb Modern Icons collection.  Classic Long Layers are given softness and flow by creating space into the hair for a light modern look. Velvet Soft Regimen works to soften coarse hair to give weightless movement to this new long layered look. 

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    The model has very thick, coarse hair. It is lacking shine and softness and manageability. Use the Velvet Soft Regimen that consists of Shampoo, a weekly Treatment, and Conditioner.  Mango and Cupaucu Butters along with Graham Webb Thermacore Complex adds intense conditioning and softens to hair for easier manageability.

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    Create first section at occipital bone from back of ear to back of ear.  Establish length for guideline at the shoulder blades.

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    To establish an interior guide, take a two inch section in the middle of the head, pull it out 90 degrees and position your hand at a steep angle. Start your slide cuts about 4-5 inches from the scalp and work to perimeter.

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    To create shape around the hairline, section the hair just in front of the ear and comb toward face. Using a sliding technique, start at corner of the mouth and scoop out the hair.

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    Creating a diagonal parting from the side part to just in front of the ear, over direct the hair hold it out horizontally and cut a new guide for the top. Repeat making sure hair is over directed to release weight.

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    Take a 2 inch section, elevate to 90 degrees and point cut to remove the corners work all sections toward the middle.

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    Taking small sections, open the fringe up with the tips of the shears.

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    Work a small amount Making Waves Curl Defining Gel throughout the hair then follow through Brit Style Shine Spray.

    ·  Hair Color by James Edick for Arrojo Studio
    ·  Makeup by Burke Daniel & Andrea Coombs Angrilla using TRUCCO

    Hair Color
    ·  Base Color: WELLA – KOLESTON PERFECT- 2 parts 6/6 to 1 part 7/1 + 20 volume
    ·  Highlights: 12/61 + 40 volume
    ·  Gloss: CELLOPHANES – Deep Brunette