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Last updated: October 04, 2022

How-To: Asymmetrical, Disconnected Edgy Bob

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One of your favorite clients walks into your salon and says that today, she’s ready to live on the edge. She wants a shorter, bolder style. No more gentle beauty—she wants to make a statement. As her stylist, it’s up to you to take those tresses from soft and sweet to edgy chic, and Donald Scott is here to help with his simple Edgy Bob how-to. Utilizing the two-in-one capabilities of the Donald Scott NYC cutting tools, you can give your client the high-fashion look she’s been craving without the hassle of having to juggle too many tools.


When beginning, you want to keep at least 90 percent of the hair dampened with Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide, the very first miracle mist of its kind. Enriched with coconut oil and sunflower oils, this nourishing mist was specially designed to work ergonomically with Donald Scott cutting tools. Not only does it smooth the cuticle, but it prepares the hair for cutting and texturizing without residue or buildup. Some clients are a little hesitant to let stylists use a razor on their hair—too many rumors about damage and split ends. But with Prepare Liquid Tool Glide, you can put all those concerns to rest by offering them the extra protection they need.

Manufacturer: Donald Scott NYC


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    Section the hair from the corner of the eye to behind the ear. Bring the rest of the hair over in diagonal sections, completely around the head, to the area behind the opposite ear. Drop the top section out from the left parietal ridge to the diagonal section on the right side of the head.

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    Comb from the regrowth/root area, then use the Chop Stik Pro Razor to gently remove hair. Remember to cut behind the hand for maximum precision and to hold hair taut for optimal glide. Continue right under the occipital bone.

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    Move up to diagonal sections, cutting shorter each time. Shape to the head and keep sections clean. As you move up, start overdirecting slightly to the right side.

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    Take down the center section of hair by the crown, cutting with a slight elevation. Continue on right section, maintaining higher elevation for a softer ridge. Use the Carving Comb to blend the edges more smoothly.

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    After drying, continue using the Carving Comb to enhance free-form shaping. Use the 20 percent carve from midshafts to tips, to open the ends. Lightly blend bulk in the back with the surface channel edge of the Carving Comb. Blend until you reach the desired shape.