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March 19, 2018

Fuller-Looking Men’s Cut


Fuller-Looking Men’s Cut

Do the men in your chair wish they had thicker hair? Then check out this technique from Supercuts! It blends clippering, scissor-over-comb, layering and texturizing to create the appearance of fullness on thin-haired guys. Check out the step-by-step below and watch the video for every detail on recreating the look.


Manufacturer: Supercuts, @supercuts

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    Starting at the center nape, work the clipper straight up the head, then toward the ears and check for balance.

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    Move to both sides of the head and check for balance.

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    Next, comb through hair and apply Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam. On damp hair, begin to cut the front guide to the desired length, then connect from the center out.

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    Determine the strongest growth pattern and cut to the shortest point possible for maximum fullness, extending the guide to create a crown guide. Then connect the crown guide to the front design line (shortest guide to longest guide).

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    Begin layering the hair from top to bottom, starting on the left front side of the head. Then, overlap sections around to the front right side of the head and visually cross-check at the highest point to ensure balance.

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    Check from right to left at the same angle the hair was cut, then continue working bottom guide to top guide.

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    To texturize, use a clipper-over-comb blending technique and a taper fade along the hairline for a polished look. Then use trimmers to clean up the hairline around neck, ears and sideburns. Check for overall balance.

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    Apply a volumizing gel and blow-dry the hair using fingers to create volume until it’s 85 percent dry. Then use a Denman Brush to create volume and fullness throughout the top, directing the hair back.

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    Use a finishing product such as Sexy Hair Spray Clay to create lightweight texture. 

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    Finished look. 

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