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Last updated: October 17, 2019

Eva Mendes Hits Up Supercuts For A Trim

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Actress Eva Mendes Stopped By Supercuts & We’re Here For It

You never know who you’re going to run into at Supercuts? It may even be A-list Hollywood actress Eva Mendes—wait, WHAT? Yes, even Eva can’t resist a good deal. She recently shared an impromptu selfie on Insta, wet hair and all, sporting a black Supercuts cape and divulged to popping into the international chain. “Ok, this is a terrible angle. But I thought you guys would like to know that yeah, I stop into Supercuts every once in a while,” says the “Hitch” actress.


This may come as a shock to some, but if you check Eva’s beauty resume you would see that’s she’s always been down for beauty at all price points. She even had a drugstore makeup brand, Circa Beauty, with Walgreens a few years ago. Check out what people had to say in the comments below! 



ALOT Of People Are Here For It!


“NOT COOL! Why!? Why do you continue to prove that you are a down to earth human being who embodies the meaning of being an angel on earth!?” –@cherry_wine_64


“Love it! Keeping it real.” –@vudabe


“This makes me love you even more!!!” –@belizican


“Love it! Your humbleness is endearing. ❤️❤️❤️” –@rox_b17


“Same. They’re great for a trim and quick layer!” –@cchangphoto


“Budget, but make it fashion.” –@readysteadydisco


“Stars. They’re just like me. Lol #holla20dollahaircut” –@nicole_642


“Beautiful as ever. Supercuts is my favorite.🌹” –@jamesconn69_


“Well Eva goes to Supercuts, so now I have to try out Supercuts.” –@steephrx


Some Of Ya’ll Just Wanted To Know The Deets


“Ok, we have to discuss…I need the secret. X” –@ckhav


“Which Super Cuts???” –@sicacitero


“Show the after pic. I may consider this for a trim and wash.” –@elvajean11


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