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Last updated: October 30, 2017

Up Your Education and Your Creativity

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We know when you’re spending most of your time working long hours behind the chair, it can be hard to find a class at the right time and the right price. That’s where Supercuts comes in. The Supercuts team wants their stylists to have the opportunity to excel both technically and creatively in the salon, and it’s because of this passion to see their stylists grow that they provide ongoing education at no cost to the stylists. And that’s not even the best part—stylists get paid for their time while in the training classes, too!


Here’s an inside look at some of the education Supercuts provides, along with stylist testimonials and three how-tos for blow-drying beach waves, taking hair from curly to smooth and adding big volume.


The Supercuts haircutting technique is principle-based, meaning the stylist can use the technique to perform any haircut. 


The Education
As a Supercuts stylist, you will have the opportunity to attend Supercuts Hair Stylist Academy (HSA), a five-day advanced haircutting class. The class covers the brand’s core cutting techniques and the 360-degree guest experience. HSA is taught by a Supercuts Artistic Director, and all demonstrations are performed on live models. Stylists practice each technique on a mannequin first, then perform the technique on up to 27 live models to perfect their skills. All stylists attend this class and must be certified prior to cutting on guests in the salon. After stylists complete HSA, they will receive certification and then get the chance to move on to a two-day color class.


Twice per year, each Supercuts salon hosts a special Seminar, taught by a Supercuts Artistic Director. The stylists receive a full day of education, including an opening demonstration and a chance to practice on live models. Stylists also receive an annual Recertification class, which is a half-day course to ensure all stylists remain proficient in the Supercuts Haircutting Technique.


The Testimonials
“After working in an independent salon, I felt I wasn’t prepared. I knew that Supercuts had a strong support system and there was a lot of room for me to grow my career.”


“I wanted a place where I could continue to learn all the time.”


“As a new stylist, I chose Supercuts for the many positives. The amazing continual education programs, positive and supportive environment and feedback from long-term employees were the top reasons I have chosen Supercuts.”


“I love HSA. I learned more than I did in school!”


The How-Tos
Ready to learn more? Here are three styling how-tos from Supercuts Regional Education Director, Kim. She explains a quick and efficient method for blow-drying beach waves, taking your guest from curly to smooth and adding massive volume to the root…all things you can learn on the Supercuts team!


Beachy-Waves Tip: When your guests want a style that’s easy for them to recreate at home, such as beach waves, first analyze the hair so you can determine what process will be most efficient to create this style. Then it’s all about the product.  Make sure to set damp hair with a product that will help remove water fast. That way, when your client is at home, she can quickly dry her waves and be on her way!



Now watch the entire how-to video!



Curly-To-Straight Tip: When taking hair from curly to smooth, make sure you have the blow dryer set to an appropriate heat based on hair texture, and of course the product is always essential! Then, before you start your blow-dry, section the hair in horseshoe-shaped sections from the top of the head to the bottom, and remember when smoothing curly hair, the thinner your sections are, the easier and faster it is to create that straight look.



 Now watch the entire how-to video!



Turn-Up-The-Volume Tip: When you’re blow-drying your guest’s hair for ultimate volume, section the hair and make sure your sections are no wider than the width of the brush you are using. Remember, to get big volume, you have to go back to the basics!




Now watch the entire how-to video!