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Last updated: February 05, 2018

How-To: 30 Second Weave Removal

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How-To: 30 Second Weave Removal

So, your client absolutely loved her weave. As well she should! It was seamlessly done, soft and tousled, just the right length and color. She was in love, ready to show it off during a night on the town, but now the time has come. You know the one—the dreaded removal.

And you know how hard it can be for both you and your client. The removal process for that once-flawless weave can be a ruthless battle—one full of ripping and tugging and irreparable damage. But the battle ends now thanks to VanishMax™, the all-natural weave removal system.


Sew in your client’s weave with VanishMax™ thread, and when it’s time for removal, all you have to do is spray the special dissolving solution, and within seconds, the thread disintegrates and hair is ready to come down. Here’s how it’s done!


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    Spray VanishMax™ special dissolving solution directly on to thread.

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    Gently pull the extensions free as the thread disintegrates.

  • This kit condenses a process that used to take well over an hour into a mere thirty seconds—pain-free and hassle-free. And whether weaves, hair extensions, braids or wigs, VanishMax™ can be used on all types of sewn-in hair augmentation.


    VanishMax™ is 100% natural, organic and safe. The exclusive formula is non-toxic and contains a blend of essential oils and minerals that is not only functional but also actively promotes a healthy scalp and hair. It’s lab tested and certified!


    And nobody likes reading the ingredient list on their favorite hair product just to find strange chemical names they can’t even pronounce. We all want to know what we’re putting in our hair! VanishMax™ is made with simple, effective ingredients that get the job done and get it done safely.


    Dissolving Solution Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Pyrus Malus Extract, Organic Pear Fruit Extract, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia from Australia), Organic French Lavender Essential Oil and Catechin


    There’s a reason why VanishMax™ is known as the “safest, fastest, most efficient hair removal on the planet”. It’s the next big step in the hair extension revolution.

    Order your VanishMax today!