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Last updated: June 01, 2017

VanishMax by VMax Weave Removal Kit

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 With VanishMax™ patented spray and thread, a weave removal that used to take well over 60 minutes now takes less than 30 seconds! First, you sew in your client’s extensions with the self-dissolving thread, and when it’s finally time for removal, spray the thread with their special dissolution spray. The thread disintegrates easily, no cutting required. You just gently pull the weave free from your client’s hair. And that’s it! A once time-consuming, painful process is now hassle-free and pain-free. And whether weaves, hair extensions, braids or wigs, VanishMax™ can be used on all types of sewn-in hair augmentation.

VanishMax™ is organic, safe and completely non-toxic. It’s lab tested and certified, made with a combination of natural ingredients that nourish and protect while it works. It doesn’t have any of the chemicals, preservatives or parabens that other products do. Take a look for yourself!

Dissolving Solution Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Pyrus Malus Extract, Organic Pear Fruit Extract, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia from Australia), Organic French Lavender Essential Oil and Catechin

See how quick and easy weave removal can be!

VanishMax™ Kit – $35.00

  • 60 yards (180 feet) of thread
  • 8 oz. of solution (4+ sew ins)

3 Packs of VanishMax™ Kits – $89.00

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VanishMax by VMax Weave Removal Kit