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Last updated: June 30, 2017

3 Strategies That’ll Earn You More Money

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Wondering how you can make more money? Increase your average ticket! Even a slight increase can drastically improve your revenue for the year—and we have the three strategies you can implement now to help you make more money.


Mastering Upsells, Cross-Sells And Add-Ons
Selling strategies such as upselling, cross-selling and suggesting add-on services is a proven way to increase your average ticket. Here are some examples of each to help:

  • Upselling
    • What is it? Replacing a service with a grander one
    • Example: If she gets routine partial highlights, suggest a full highlight for the next appointment
  • Cross-Selling
    • What is it? An additional service from the same or a different department
    • Example: Offering a manicure and facial special
  • Add-Ons
    • What is it? A service that requires no extra time but incurs an additional cost
    • Example: Offering an upgrade on her shampoo, recommend a tea tree lavender mint shampoo for an extra $5


Need help getting started? Check out this FREE guide that will walk you through how to boost your revenue!


The Art Of Selling Retail
You know that selling retail is one way to make more money, but many hairdressers find it uncomfortable to sell products. Here are three tips to make it easier:


1. Add product recommendations on work tickets so the front desk can grab the retail items without any verbal communication. For this to be effective, remember to talk to your client during the appointment about the products you’re using and why.


2. Use the Law of Averages to your advantage. One recommended product is easy for your client to decline. However, it is more likely that a client will choose at least one if offered around three products.


3. Match your product recommendations with services offered and have them waiting at the counter when a client checks out.


Building Trust With Clients
Clients will always be able to tell when you’re trying to sell them something, so recommending services and products should be done naturally, and establishing trust is key. Why?

  • Clients who trust you will be more likely to spend more money.
  • Loyal clients are more willing to try services and products you recommend. 
  • Loyal clients are also more likely to refer new clients to you. 


The proof is in the numbers—increasing your average ticket can have a significant impact on your revenue. Millennium Systems International created this downloadable worksheet so you can do the math yourself to see how much extra revenue you could be earning, just by adding a few dollars to each client’s visit.

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