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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Salon Owners: Is Your Business Struggling? Here’s Why…

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Salon Owners: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Is Probably Struggling

Being a salon owner is a tough job and with so much on your plate, there’s nothing more infuriating than seeing your business struggle and not knowing why. So while in Miami for Millennium Systems International’s 2019 Business Mastery conference (formerly known as The Millennium Experience), we sat in on classes with some of the industry’s top business-savvy people and learned three reasons why salons struggle and how salon owners can turn things around.



1. Your Turnover Rate Is Too High

You want your salon to run as effectively as possible, right? Of course you do! Well, international business leadership speaker Jason Everett (@jasoneverett) says you have to master three things in order for your business to find success: 


  • Attract—First, you must be able to attract guests and staff to your salon, otherwise your salon won’t go anywhere. “You can only work so hard and business will only be so big,” advised Jason.


  • Keep—Once you attract a staff and clients, you then need to be able to keep them.


  • Deliver—It’s all about how you deliver things like your weekly team meetings. If you don’t want to be there, neither will they. “Things like that that you’re trying to do inside your salon will make the difference on whether your staff decides to stay or whether they decide to leave in a very short window of time,” noted Jason. 


2. You Offer Too Many Services

Do you offer every possible service in hopes of catering to any client who walks through your door? It’s not about having the longest list of services in your area but offering the services clients are actually asking for. “No one told us what the clients are wanting,” said Robert Maconi, Millennium Systems International’s VP of Enterprise Sales. “So what clients were doing was coming to us and asking for services and then going somewhere else because we didn’t offer those services.” So before you revamp your services, do your research. Look at the data and find out which ones are the most popular and then ask your staff what clients are asking for. 


3. You’re Wasting Too Much Energy On OK Reviews

We know given the choice, you’d hide all the four and three star reviews so the five star reviews are the ones that take up real estate on your site. But here’s the thing: Potential clients will see right through that shield. “You want to have some OK reviews. We’re a business. We all have bad days. You need to show that you’re a real company,” shared Dilan Desilva, SalonClouds+ CEO and Owner. “It’s not about five stars guys. It’s about answering all of those batsh*t crazy people.”


So the next time you spot an OK review of your salon, instead of emailing people at Google and Yelp to take it down, the best thing you can do is respond in a professional way and try to make things right. However, Dilan says to never respond to a reviewer more than twice. Going back and forth too many times could lead to a fight.


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