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Last updated: September 13, 2017

Millennium Launches New “Academy” Workshops

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As part of its new education initiative, Millennium Systems International will host its first Millennium Academy class on Monday, September 26, 2016. The Academy is a new division of Millennium that hopes to guide the beauty and wellness industries to greater success. The first class will include nine salon and spas from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Maryland.


The workshop, held at the Millennium Corporate Headquarters in Parsippany, N.J., will be an intimate gathering where attendees will have the opportunity to dive deep into their business metrics to foster profitable change. “The launch of Millennium Academy is a unique and powerful business-building tool. The class is focused around increasing the average ticket of each attending business. This is specific to each business because they are required to bring a copy of their growth reports, so we can analyze how each business is currently doing, and what they can do to improve,” says Assistant Learning Manager Irena Mena.


Lead by Mena and Millennium’s team of learning specialists, each business will leave the class with well-defined goals for their individual service providers, departments and overall business. “The goal of Millennium Academy is to continue educating owners and managers so they can create something from nothing–or parlay their successes into continued growth. Our education team will follow-up in three months, just in time to set goals for the new year,” says Irena.


As the Academy continues to grow, Millennium expects this workshop will be the first of many, and a one-of-a-kind vehicle to further the company’s mission to propel business growth through the delivery of education. Next year will mark 30 years of industry experience for the software company.


Mena adds, “At Millennium, we understand how busy owners and owner-operators truly are. That’s why we’ve focused the majority of our educational events–in-house, onsite and webinars–around Mondays. Most salon and spas are closed, allowing owners and managers time to catch up on education and learning–without having to worry that they are losing revenue by missing appointments.”