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Last updated: June 17, 2019

4 Mistakes To Avoid On Instagram

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4 Mistakes To Avoid On Instagram

Instagram can be the #1 driver to getting clients in your chair—if you’re using it correctly. Keep reading for four common Instagram mistakes you can’t afford to make, straight from John Mosely, aka @popular_nobody to his 54k Insta followers.


We grabbed these tips from Millennium Systems International, where we also learned some more business-building ideas—keep scrolling for the Insta tips, then check out this article to find out why you’re losing clients!



Mistake 1: Not Taking It Seriously

When @popular_nobody was starting out, he thought Instagram was a “fun-only” platform. “I was posting silly stuff and jokes that probably weren’t funny to a lot of people, but it was funny to me. I had to realize that my Instagram could be greater than just being a joking platform,” he said.

How To Fix It:

  • Review all of your posts and note which photos get the most likes and comments—and which photos get the least. Once you know what your followers want, build content using that knowledge.



Mistake 2: Not Engaged

You post a photo and think the job is done—WRONG! “Never post a photo and run from the comments,” said John. “You can’t just make a post and assume it’s going to perform well.”

How To Fix It:

  • Connect back with your followers. Answer questions, go live and talk to people—that’s how to build a loyal following that puts clients in your chair and allows you to up sales in the salon, said John. 


Mistake 3: Not Being Consistent

You overlook the consistency in your branding and postings.

How To Fix It:

  • Give your page a theme and stick with it. Are you a balayage expert? If so, then only post balayage photos! Stay familiar so that your followers can recognize you instantly.
  • For example, John has a specific look to his page—it’s black and white with a bit of gold (check out the slideshow below!). As a barber, this theme works for him, but it wouldn’t for a colorist.


Mistake 4: Not Using Hashtags or Location Tags Correctly

You forget that people are searching the app via hashtags and location tags!

How To Fix It:

  • Hashtag what’s important to you (like #balayage or #mensgrooming, depending on your area of expertise) and what’s important to your geographic location—that’s where walk-in clients come from.
  • Tag accounts like @behindthechair_com or @speakmillennium—it gets you reposted and draws more attention to your page/work.


For more details from @popular_nobody, check out his Coffee Talk interview with Millennium Systems International, then get the details on their new cloud software and how it’s changing the way salons run their businesses.

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