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Last updated: July 28, 2017

Salon Owners: Are You Using Instagram Correctly?

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You know by now that Instagram has the highest engagement of any social platform, which can lead to more clients and more money for your salon. But are you using Instagram to its maximum advantage? Here are some pointers!


1. Instagram for Business
Salons can take advantage of an Instagram feature that allows them to convert to a business profile. The new business format:

  • Provides a contact button that users can tap to call, email or get directions to your business.
  • Categorizes your business based on industry to help users find you.
  • Offers “Insights” to provide impressions, reach, and engagement on each post.



2. What to Post on Instagram
The posts on your salon’s Instagram should reflect how you want others to see your business. Follow these three guidelines:

  • Offer Variety
    • Instagram is a visual medium, so make your profile aesthetically pleasing.
    • The content should be a variety of fun posts and ones that (subtly) sell your business by featuring a variety of services.
  • Be Consistent
    • Just like any other social media platform, the key to success is consistency. Make it a goal to post at least 5 times a week.
    • Every post should include a winning caption and relevant hashtags.
  • Build your brand
    • Focus on what makes your business and service providers unique.



3. Make Your Posts Visually Engaging
Treat Instagram as your salon’s portfolio—post only the best work to create the best impression. 

  • Take Multiple Photos
    • A colorist might want to show the details of their balayage, but clients want to see the bigger picture. Take the shot both ways.
    • Then, post the easier-to-see images—they are more engaging and will entice clients to book with you. (Stylists can keep detailed shots for personal Instagrams.)
  • Focus, lighting and Background
    • Take well-lit, in-focus photos to show off the talent at your salon.
    • A plain, uncluttered background draws the attention to the subject, and instantly makes posts look more professional.



Become An Insta Expert
For even more ways to conquer Instagram through hashtags, mentions, Instagram Stories and more, Millennium Systems International created this 
downloadable guide. It will help you learn how to optimize each post and engage with your audience online so you can grow a loyal following offline, and ultimately increase your number of new clients, client retention and bottom line.