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Last updated: December 02, 2019

3 Tips That’ll Turn New Guests Into Loyal Clients

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3 Tips For Building Your Clientele

You’ve worked hard to build your clientele—and you love them all—but lately you feel ready to expand and take on more guests. So how do you turn those walk-ins and referrals into loyal clients? Keep scrolling because below, we’re sharing three tips we grabbed at Millennium Systems International’s 2019 Business Mastery conference (formerly known as The Millennium Experience) in Miami that’ll get new guests in your chair—and keep them coming back!


1. Boost Your Facebook Posts

OK so first things first you need to get those new clients in your chair. So anytime you post your work on Facebook, Angela Cortright (@angelacortright), Founder of Spa Gregorie’s, has a rule-of-thumb: boost every Facebook post by just $2 or $3. That’s all. “It goes out to thousands of people, it knows who your audience is…it will go and find people that look like your audience and serve that ad out to them,” she shared. “And for two bucks if you get one client? Hello, it’s worth it.



2. Introduce A Points System

We’ll let you in on a little secret: People love points! So much so that Millennium Systems International’s VP of Enterprise Sales Robert Maconi credits points for his 32 percent growth back in 2006. “Points keeps those clients coming back,” he said. “They help you rebuild your business by referrals. They help you increase your frequency of visit by rewarding guests for rebooking.” But the key is to keep your point system simple:


  • Have 1000 points equate to $1 for easy math.
  • Give new clients 10,000 points (i.e. $10) just for booking an appointment and coming in.
  • Reward clients with points when they rebook.
  • Have each service be worth a certain amount of points so clients can eventually treat themselves to a free service.
  • Let clients apply points here and there when paying for appointments.
  • An added bonus? People hate losing points so take points away for no shows and last minute cancellations.


Don’t want to add “Manage the point system” to your long list of things to do? We get it. Meevo 2, Millennium’s cloud-based growth platform, makes running a point system even easier! It will keep track of each client’s point total for you and makes it easy to apply points as a discount on a service. All you have to do is input the amount of points a client gets at each visit.



3. Add Some Personalization When Communicating With Clients

If it feels like your email blasts are doing nothing to boost your clientele, then it’s time to add some personalization to your communication. Why? “Because that leads to greater client satisfaction which leads to higher retention which leads to increased revenues and greater profitability,” shared Andrew Bourne, REACH™ by Octopi CTO and President. Clients want to feel like you care about them so put an end to the general blasts you send to your entire clientele and instead send some personalized messages that include their names. Meet them where they are, meaning, if her preferred communication channel is Facebook or Instagram or text, reach out there. No matter how you reach out, the end goal is to make it feel personal.


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