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Last updated: October 11, 2019

This New Tech Trend Will Save You Time & Money

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What Artificial Intelligence Means For The Salon Industry

Chances are you’ve heard of artificial intelligence by now but do you know what it means for your salon? No, we’re not talking about robots replacing your front desk associates one day soon. While attending Millennium Systems International’s 2019 Business Mastery conference (formerly known at The Millennium Experience), we got to talk with Founder & CEO John Harms about how this latest tech trend affects hairstylists. Keep scrolling to get three examples of artificial intelligence within Meevo 2 that will help you save time and money behind the chair!


1. Reduce Your Booking Time

In the hair world, time is money, so why not reduce your average booking time from three minutes to 30 seconds? (Trust us, it adds up.) Meevo 2 has a Convobar® feature that understands English. So if a client calls the salon and requests to book an appointment with a specific stylist, instead of having to type it yourself, AI will morph the appointment book and show you just that stylist’s availability. 


2. Get People In During The Slow Times

What if you could pinpoint the slowest times during the week in your salon AND determine which clients are most likely to be able to fill those slots? Well, that’s possible! Let’s say it’s been 90 days since a client last came in and they’re a perfect fit for those slow times. AI will send them a 10% offer in hopes of getting them to rebook. If they don’t, after say 120 days, AI will send another offer along with some booking options.


Millennium Systems International recently partnered with REACH™ by Octopi, an AI-powered customer data platform that’ll handle all that for you. “It’s going to find who’s most likely to come in for an appointment, who’s due in for services and what add on services they might add on,” shares John.


3. Stay On Top Of OK Reviews

When it comes to three and four star reviews, you can’t make them go away. The best thing you can do is respond in a professional manner in an attempt to alleviate the situation. So to prevent any of the not-so-great reviews to slip through the cracks, REACH™ will notify you when they come in, giving you the chance to jump at the opportunity to make things right.


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