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Last updated: July 23, 2017

4 Tips To Keep Your Staff Motivated Through Summer

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While everyone is spending their weekends relaxing poolside or going to the amusement park, your staff might feel a little… trapped. And that’s a natural feeling during the summer, when warm weather is attracting to you to the beach and instead you’re creating beach waves at the salon. There’s no better season to incentivize your salon staff than summer and with these four tips, your staff will remain motivated through those hot summer days.
1. Set Challenges
As July and August approach and your salon may slow down, it’s important that you find ways to motivate your employees to work even harder. Since July and August may be your slower months, you can set two goals for your teams. July’s goal could focus on pre-booking percentage, which is vital to any salon’s success, and August’s goal could focus on new client retention—another very important growth indicator. Then, set the challenges. For instance, you can reward the team with highest pre-booking percentage for the month of July, and reward the team with most new client referrals for the month of August.
2. Encourage Friendly Competition
By pairing your staff members and setting goals for them, you will promote healthy competition, all while sustaining growth and success. It’s a win-win; and if you use Meevo, Millennium Systems, Intl.’s cloud salon software platform, your employees will have the ability to use the Challenge Chat feature. This feature allows your staff to discuss current challenges that they’re participating in. It’s a fun way for employees to stay engaged with each other.


 3. Display Results
Change the conversation in the break room. No one ever wants to be in last place, right? So, display the results on your leaderboards! As the challenges are in progress, set up a monitor in the break room so each team can see how they are doing compared to the other teams in real time! Each day or week that goes by, your staff will know if they need to improve and by how much.
4. Reward Success!
Reward your employees who win these challenges, and they will continue to be engaged, motivated, and feel great. Make sure your software program is designed to encourage revenue-generating behavior, and reward staff members who do things like pre-booking or increasing their average ticket. Create a rewards store to offer prizes, which employees can redeem when they win these challenges.


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