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Last updated: February 11, 2019

SALON OWNERS: Are You Losing Clients? This Could Be Why

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Here Are 2 Reasons Why You Could Be Losing Clients

What if you were losing clients because of two simple things you’ve been overlooking? Suzy Tryall, a successful salon owner in Lynchburg, Va. and speaker at this year’s Millennium Experience, shared a couple things stylists do that can drive clients away. Check ’em out below and get a few tricks for keeping your guests happy and coming back. 



1. You’re Cheating the Shampoo

  • Know This: The shampoo is one of the most anticipated and most important parts of the client’s experience at the salon.


  • Do This: Have a systematic approach to your shampoos, and if you’re behind, don’t ever cut the service short. Find some way to make up for the lost time.


  • Remember This: “Only stylists know the difference between a great bob and a good bob—the client doesn’t,” says Suzy. “You know what clients will always notice? If the shampoo isn’t a good experience.”


2. You’re Making Them Wait

  • Know This: Clients don’t like to wait, and typically, they are waiting more often and for longer periods of time than you might think. They’ll wait on the phone when they call for their appointment, they’ll wait when they get to the salon and they’ll wait during the service (especially if it’s a long color service).


  • Do This: Set yourself up for success. Make sure your salon staff is working together and scheduling clients correctly. If you’re doing a time-consuming color service and notice yourself running behind, think quickly on how to get back on track. Ask a team member to jump in and help, then explain to your client that two stylists working on opposite sides of the head will get the job done faster and keeps the processing time consistent.


  • Remember This: Suzy tells her staff while being busy is a good thing, being too busy and not on schedule is not. She says, “Stylists should never say, ‘I am so busy no one can get in with me.’ Being that busy doesn’t always mean you’re that good at doing hair, it could mean you’re that bad at managing your business.”


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