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Last updated: June 29, 2022

Are You Using Purple Shampoo Correctly? Read This To Find Out!

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The Dos & Don’ts Of Purple Shampoo (Plus, How To Fix Mistakes!)
Let’s get real. Your blonde clients don’t want to see yellow, we’ve only heard it a million times! So, are you using purple shampoo to keep them cool? If the answer is yes, and it should be, there are some things you need to knowlike how and when to use it properly, how to select the right one and tips for when you (or your clients) overuse purple shampoo. Keep your cool, carry on and read through these dos and don’ts below!


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1. How & When To Use Purple Shampoo Properly

Before we get into how to select the right purple shampoo and how often different clients should be using it, let’s work through this common myth: Purple shampoo will brighten up their blonde. “A common misconception is that it is thought to make the hair brighter,” says Jamie Park (@hairbyjpark). “When in reality it’s toning the yellow [brightness] and bringing it to its natural statewhich can appear darker than yellow.”



2. How To Select The Right Purple Shampoo

Because there are varying different pigments and intensities when it comes to purple shampoos, here’s a little breakdown of three different types and when to use them:


  • Highly-Pigmented Purple: For pre-toning or instant tonal deposit, neutralize underlying warm tones with an anti-yellow wash like Schwarzkopf Professional GOODBYE YELLOW®. Process for 5 minutes, using it daily for maximum tonal deposit or 1 to 2 times a week for maintenance.
  • Silver Toning For Light Bases: For white hair that needs a subtle silver shift or clients with light bases that want to kick brass, BC Bonacure® Color Freeze Silver Shampoo optimizes the pH level to 4.5, preserving and reviving cool tones. Process for 5 minutes, using 1 to 2 times a week.
  • Maintain & Gently Neutralize: Clients who need a light, daily fix? BLONDME® Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo helps maintain the in-salon blonde service daily and neutralizes yellow tones without shifting the color.


Hello, Creamy Blonde! Watch GOODBYE YELLOW In Action Below!

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3. Your Client Overuses Purple Shampoo. How Do You Fix It?

Education is KEY, but sometimes our clients don’t follow our guidance and might end up overusing purple shampoo for super ashy or dull results. Here’s how to fix it: Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) suggests doing a gentle color balance with 10V, a gentle cleansing shampoo and a scoop of gentle lightenerkey word, gentle!


Or use an in-salon clarifying treatment to remove the unwanted ash and dullness, suggests Kimberly Bruce (@themisfitblonde). “Finish with a re-evaluation of their needs and suggest a routine glaze in the salon once a month to avoid a correction in the future,” adds Jamie. To help cleanse the hair and effectively remove build-up without stripping nutrients, try Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure® Deep Cleansing Shampoo


4. How To Avoid Overusing Purple Shampoo

“I always suggest for first time use, cut it with a little of their regular shampoo to avoid over-toning,” says Jamie. “I suggest emulsifying in hands prior to applying to hair and continue emulsification while in hair.” After an in-salon color service, Jamie suggests waiting 2 to 3 weeks before starting at-home services when toners start to fade.


Pro Tip: Use GOODBYE Yellow in the shampoo bowl directly after a color service for a cool refresh!

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5. Seeing Blorange? Don’t Make This Mistake!

“I only recommend purple shampoo on Level 9 or higher,” says Gina. “Purple shampoo does not cancel out orange so if the hair has any orange or yellow orange tones in it, the purple shampoo would actually make them warmer depositing red into the hair.”


The Difference IS REALWatch The Video Below To See All 3 Different Purple Shampoos!

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