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Last updated: July 22, 2017

Make More Money! 5 Ways to Increase Revenue Through Your Front Desk

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Your stylists aren’t the only staff members who have the ability to bring in money for your business. You may not realize it, but the front desk is a vital part of the financial success of your salon—not to mention, a great opportunity to close sales, push retail, and ultimately secure higher ticket prices for all of your clients. Here, the pros at Millennium share five great tips to help you make more money at the front desk.


1. Pre-Book – Pre-book and get clients in more often. The easiest way to grow without spending money is to simply get your loyal clients to come in more often. This will also increase your clients’ Frequency of Visit, which is vital to your growth and success.


Check for guests who are due in this week who don’t have any appointments booked. Start with guests who get chemical treatments first, as they are the most loyal and generally have the highest average ticket.


2. Add-On – Increase revenue by adding on existing services that don’t require additional time from the service provider. For example, add on a conditioning treatment to a haircut.


3. Up-Sell – Increase your average ticket by upselling services or products.  You could send out $10 gift cards that can be redeemed by the recipient during their next visit. This will encourage clients to try new products and/or services.


4. Stay in touch with your clients – Retaining the guests who have already shown loyalty and have been coming in at least a year or 4 visits will increase productivity greatly over time. Focus on pre-booking, gift cards, a free product on their next visit, etc.


Identify any guest who has not been in within the last 90 days, has at least 2 appointments at your salon, and knows what service they generally receive PRIOR to calling or emailing them. Also, know what openings you have this week or next for that service so that you can give the guest options immediately and professionally.


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