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July 17, 2020

4 Tips For Making More Money During COVID-19

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Strategies For Raising Your Take-Home Pay

Stylists and shop owners across the country are experiencing the most difficult period of their careers. We’ve heard from many that it’s either VERY busy or TOTALLY slow, and we’ve also been hearing some smart tips to keep your business moving forward during this pandemic. Keep reading for how to make more money, with tips from other stylists that are tried and true!



1. Evaluate Your Prices—And Raise Them If You Can

Consider charging a small fee per client to cover the cost of PPE. Some stylists are charging a flat fee (like $2 extra), while others are implementing a percentage increase (such as 10 percent). It’s also a great time to re-evaluate your pricing, because it might be time to raise them. Here’s what the BTC Community had to say:


“I am making sure I have everyone paying for my actual prices. No more ‘discounts’ on glosses with highlights, no more free blowouts with color, no more paying regular haircut price for razor cuts, ‘kids’ I’ve been cutting for years who are totally no longer classified as a kids cut have to pay adult prices (also not accommodating actual kids at the moment unless they are willing to pay adult prices) and I also had a surprising amount of guests who weren’t paying my current prices for various reasons who I have adjusted and gotten to the proper price point.” – @lilismith.stylist


“I’ve actually been making more money that I usually do and I’m also only taking one client at a time and haven’t been working extra hours. I’m an NJ stylist and we have been open 3 weeks so far so we are still catching up from over 3 months’ worth of overgrown hair. Are you charging correctly? I haven’t raised my prices but I’ve had to mix extra product for almost all of my clients which is an up charge between $10-$30 depending on how much extra I mix. Make sure you charge for all the work you do! Don’t short yourself! I understand these are hard times financially for all but we need to make money too!!” – Crista Vizzoni



2. Book Appointments Strategically

It can be tempting, especially after a period of closure, to fill your days up with whatever services clients want—but being strategic about the clients you book and the services you offer can benefit you.


“I was very careful to book people in the first few weeks to my advantage. I had my balayages and major appointments [booked] one per day mixed in with an easy haircut or root color touch-up, etc. I didn’t want days of haircuts or full days of hard stuff that wouldn’t return for 3 months. We’ve been open since mid-May and I’ve seen a slowdown, but only a slowdown that took me back to normal hours instead of working six days a week. I’m back to four days a week and making mostly the same.” – Amanda Delgado


“I double-booked before I left, but not now. I was getting in six color clients a day, now it’s four. I am not allowing cut-only clients to book freely, they must call. Color and balayage clients are priority, evenings and weekends. I’m doing the same if not better before. Working three extra days a month. Sending out emails about how important it is that they buy retail from me. Pre-booking all color clients. Cut clients can have my mornings only. I can’t prioritize evening cuts unless I book two together. Only offering two-hour blocks of time, no service menu. FaceTime consulting with all new clients to see if more time is needed. Charging my worth but not raising prices. All clients that want to skip a cut get Olaplex instead.”- Michelle Struck


“Price increase. Select the services you will make money on and cut the ones you do not. Pick and choose if you can. Look at overhead costs. Cut the fat on waste and select brands that will save you money. Explore turning your chair faster. Quicker services and techniques that make money but get clients in and out faster.” – @houseofhairapy.education



3. Upselling and Add-Ons Will Work

Take every opportunity to suggest add-on services, upsell existing services and suggest retail. Don’t be nervous to ask your clients to try new things!


“We’ve been able to take the opportunity to introduce new services and products. Think of add-on services such as a clear shine treatment that can be done while their root color is processing.” – @amyb_surfacehair


“I’m actually making a little bit more. We did a 10 percent price increase that we were originally going to do in the fall. I’m also taking this time to upsell anywhere I can. A shine gloss while their roots process, protein treatments added to conditioner or color, and express smoothing treatments. It’s also been helpful that so many people are looking for change so many have added some form of a highlight to their service.” – Lydia Deyle


“I’m in a private studio and I’ve always been ‘one client at a time’ to ensure my clients have my undivided attention. I made over $4,500 for the month of June that all went in my pocket (after salon rent/ utilities and chemical restock). I definitely think during times like this, you’re gonna have to strive extra hard to educate on products (for sales), upselling other service tickets that would be honestly beneficial to the clients (such as treatments) and pre-book your clients next three upcoming appointments in advance, no more than six weeks apart. Do what you can for tips: Going out of your way to offer drinks, head/neck massage at the shampoo bowl and just being sincerely enthusiastic to have them sit in your chair.” – Stephanie M. Olson


4. Continue to Be Vigilant In Following Local And State Guidelines

We’ve heard reports that some stylists are experiencing slow times because their clients are anxious about coronavirus—totally understandable. That’s why it’s important to continue maintaining a stellar level of sanitation and disinfection, and to communicate what you are doing to your clients. Need some downloadable resources to help you? Click here for all of our coronavirus resources!


“Still double booking like I always have, just with extra sanitation/precautions. We’ve been swamped as a salon here in Michigan! (So thankful.) My clients see me cleaning as I go and have been so gracious. Money has been great, if not better because clients have been tipping above and beyond since they know we were off work for so long and have a higher overhead with PPE.” – Andrea Wernick


“Not only did I pull in record numbers last month, but my pre-book numbers for the rest of the year are now up by 15 percent from before. I’ve also gained a ton of new clients due to word of mouth of how we operate to protect all of our guests. I’ve been working nonstop six days a week to try to fit everyone in!” – Tiffany PoisonViolet Quick


“The state of Oregon won’t allow walk-ins, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve been thinking about the trust we have to have in our clientele that they are healthy and have not been recently exposed. I trust my peeps to keep me safe, and as a salon owner I’m doing everything to make sure they are, too.” – Ann Sanderson



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