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Last updated: January 04, 2018

Old Hollywood Roller Set With A Modern Twist

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Old Hollywood Roller Set With A Modern Twist

From Reese Witherspoon to ALL of the Victoria’s Secret models, there is no question that Sarah Potempa is the go-to stylist for everything braids and waves. When the celebrity stylist and creator of the Beachwaver® PRO took the BTC “On Tour” stage in LA, she shared this exclusive how-to for one of the most-requested red carpet looks: Old Hollywood waves. Her secret? You can do this roller set in a snap with the Beachwaver® PRO. Check out the full how-to!




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    Start by creating a deep side part. Separate and clip the hair into three sections—left, right and back.

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    Adjust the temperature on the Beachwaver® PRO based on your client’s hair. If she has colored hair, lower the heat. If her hair doesn’t easily hold curls, keep it at a higher heat to lock in your roller set.

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    Lift and turn the Beachwaver® PRO to a horizontal position. Select R (for “Roller!”) and curl the hair, rolling each piece under. Feed the hair in, opening and closing the clamp near the ends, like you would with a Marcel iron. “Because of the controlled rotation that the Beachwaver has, all of your curls are consistent, so you will end up with a very structured wave,” shares Sarah.

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    Hold each curl for 3 to 4 seconds, open up the clamp and slide the curl out. Hold it in your hand instead of dropping it to avoid manipulating the curl.

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    Take the hair, put your finger right through it and roll it under until it’s right at the root. Lift and attach to the base with a small clip to create on-base curls.

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    Repeat until you’ve created a complete roller set and allow to cool.

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    Spray a brush with flexible hairspray and brush throughout the curls. Take big sections of hair and brush through like you would a ponytail. Continue to apply heavy amounts of hairspray onto the brush to evenly distribute the product.

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    Like a ponytail, take the hair and roll it over your hand. By doing this, your hair will take the shape of the pattern that you’ve created. “What’s key about your brush-out is bringing the hair together and creating one solid movement,” shares Sarah.

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    Continue to brush through, lift and set the shape of the hair. Build up the volume at the top of the head.

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    Finish by applying hairspray. Pro Tip: Use the can to tame flyaways.

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    The finished look!

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