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October 31, 2017

Easy, Effortless Waves


Easy, Effortless Waves

Here’s a cheat technique that gives you the breezy, undone look that’s so hot right now, but without a ton of effort, straight from celebrity hairdresser and  Virtue Creative Director Adir Abergel. Plus, it’s simple enough to teach your clients, which is a bonus! Demonstrate this as a “thank you” to your client for being loyal (it is the season for giving thanks after all!).


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Manufacturer: Virtue, @virtuelabs

Products Used


  • 1

    Section dry hair into quadrants. ApplyVirtue Volumizing Whip to the first section.

  • 2

    Twist the first section into a loose bun, leaving the ends out for softness, and loosely secure with a hair pin.

  • 3

    Twist sections away from the face for movement and face-framing waves.

  • 4

    Continue until all four buns are pinned.

  • 5

    Apply light heat with a blow-dryer and a diffuser bag attachment to dry the product and lock in the curl. Allow to cool.

  • 6

    Remove pins and gently shake out the curls.

  • 7

    Apply Virtue Polish Unfrizz Cream for shine and definition—emulsify the product and spread it evenly through your palms AND the back sides of your hands, then gently rake your fingers from underneath through the ends. This ensures even distribution and enhances curl and volume.

  • 8

    Finished look.

  • 9

    Finished look.

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