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Last updated: May 09, 2023

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Anderson

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @justinanderson

Justin Anderson Talks Why He Left Hollywood 

Burning a celebrity’s hair off, driving off the Santa Monica Pier—leaving Hollywood at the top of your career. In an exclusive interview with BTC founder Mary Rector, Justin talks more about his brand, life outside the world of celebrity hairdressing and of course—hilarious celebrity shame receipts. 


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1. He is the reason THIS celeb has a pixie cut

Burning a client’s hair off and thinking your career is over. Learn whose famous pixie is because of a chemical cut on BTC University— Premiering May 15!


Hit play for a sneak peek at Justin’s interview! 


2. How He Really Feels About “Nice” Celebrities

Now that Justin is out of the celebrity color world, he isn’t holding back on how it really is working in the industry. 


Watch Justin dish on not-so-nice celebs below!


3. THIS is why he left Hollywood 

Why would Justin leave Hollywood and his dream clientele at the height of his career? Get all the insider gossip on BTC University! 


Click play for a tease of Justin’s full interview! 


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