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Last updated: February 19, 2018

How-To: Pinup Smooth

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Nothing says glam like Veronica Lake, old Hollywood waves. Shiny, bouncy, sleek and sexy—these waves by ghd have it all! With hair like this, she’ll have everyone wrapped around her finger. Here’s the how-to!


The secret to smooth fullness? ghd’s air ELITE, a new blow dryer with a design that’s based on feedback from top salon stylists. The air ELITE™ features a professional performance motor, a turbo-powered heater and advanced ionic technology. With two power speeds and three different heat settings, plus two precision nozzles and a diffuser adaptor, this blow dryer can keep up with a busy day behind the chair.


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Manufacturer: ghd, @ghd_northamerica


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    Using the ghd air ELITE™, blow-dry the hair back and away from the face with the rotation blow technique.

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    Working from the hairline, slide your fingers towards the scalp and use the pads of your fingers to move the hair in a shaking motion while continuing the rotation blow. Ensure the airflow is aimed at the roots to remove excess moisture from the hair. Repeat around the hairline, moving back towards the crown in a diagonal direction.

  • 3

    Working from the recession, start to smooth the hair out. Aim the airflow downwards to smooth the cuticle, using the under-smooth and over-smooth techniques.

  • 4

    Starting at the front of the hairline, place your hand—with the fingers spread—into the roots of the hair. Close your fingers, slide the hand forward and elevate the hair. Concentrate the airflow at the roots and up towards the palm.

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    Repeat this method though the side sections towards the crown and the occipital bone, then down towards the nape. Continue until the hair is 95 percent dry.

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    Section the hair as per the photo above. 

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    Release one of the back sections. Take a diagonal section from the top of the ear to the nape. Following the line of the section, place the ghd curve classic wave wand to the root area and flat-wrap the hair over the barrel towards the cool tip.

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    Hold for 8 to 10 seconds, then release the hair and leave to cool.

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    Repeat steps two and three, working upwards through the side section. Follow the same sectioning pattern and technique to complete the back section. Ensure you always wrap the hair in the same direction.

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    Release the rest of the side section and follow the same technique as before to complete the section. Repeat on the opposite side.  Then release the top section and repeat the steps to complete.

  • 11

    Starting from the crown, brush the hair forward, right through to the ends using an oval dressing brush.

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    Use a narrow dressing brush to smooth and define the shape around the hairline.