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Last updated: June 15, 2017

Mosaic Part 1: Cut and Color from Farouk

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Mosaic Part 1: Cut and Color from Farouk

This cut and color from Farouk Systems’ Mosaic Collection, released exclusively at BTC’s 2014 COLOR Cut & Style show, is a true creative masterpiece. Illustrating the balance between color and design and generating dynamic movement and direction, Mosaics is based on a new approach to sectioning. The collection also utilizes the new CHI Chromashine Collection, which allows you to activate your inner artist by painting colors and lighteners on the hair to achieve masterful results.

Who Did It
: Patrick Kalle, Maurice den Exter and Richard Jordan, Farouk Systems, Inc.
makeup: Juliette den Ouden
styling: DNA Luxury Leather Fashion
photography: Richard Monsieurs 

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Products Used


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    Divide the hair in six sections in a large diamond shape starting at the corner of the eyebrow. Isolate the fringe as well as a zone of 1 inch around the diamond shape.

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    Start in the center of the nape area, projecting the hair horizontally and positioning the fingers vertically.

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    Continue working toward the front hairline in a mobile design line.

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    Sculpt a solid contour line around the ear on both sides.

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    The zone parallel to the diamond section in the back is sculpted with the razor with a connection in the center part and disconnection toward the sides.

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    Make the guideline parallel to the diamond sectioning at the crown as a stationary design line, and project it 90 degrees.

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    The front hair section is distributed perpendicularly in a low graduation and is disconnected toward the sides.

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    *Color is applied to hair that has been previously lightened using CHI Blondest Blonde, following manufacturer’s directions for desired lift.

    Take 1 ½ oz. of CHI Chromashine Pastel Orange and apply to 1 inch of the root area.

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    Section the hair into three triangles and a rectangle. Color the ends with equal parts of CHI Chromashine Pastel Blue and CHI Chromashine Pastel Mint.

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    Leave some blonde strands out for a tone on tone Mosaic structure.

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    Fade color through the ends with 2 oz. CHI Chromashine Pastel Pink.

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