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January 5, 2015

Mosaic Part 3: Cut and Color from Farouk


Mosaic Part 3: Cut and Color from Farouk

The third look from Farouk Systems’ Mosaic Collection, released exclusively at BTC’s 2014 Color, Cut & Style show, this pastel pearlized mint is the perfect hue for a long-layered, voluminous cut. Mosaics is based on a new approach to sectioning and utilizes shades from the new CHI Chromashine Collection.

Who Did It:
: Patrick Kalle, Maurice den Exter and Richard Jordan, Farouk Systems, Inc.
makeup: Juliette den Ouden
styling: DNA Luxury Leather Fashion
photography: Richard Monsieurs

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  • 1

    Divide the head into 7 Mosaic sections. Start by sectioning the crown area in a diamond shape. The fringe is sectioned in a triangle shape; the sides and temple area are sectioned parallel to this section in diagonal partings.

  • 2

    Start to the right of the fringe by directing this area in a perpendicular distribution with a low projection and keeping the fingers parallel to the parting.

  • 3

    The second section is not connected but sculpted in the same diagonal angle and parallel to the parting.

  • 4

    The right side is sculpted diagonally to the back by mirroring our technique.

  • 5

    The large temple area is distributed perpendicularly and projected in a low projection, sculpted in a consistent diagonal backward line.

  • 6

    Distribute the nape area perpendicularly to the diagonal backward parting of the diamond shape crown area.

  • 7

    The diamond shape is projected 90 degrees to the center part and sculpted parallel to the fingers.

  • 8

    Color is applied to hair that has been previously lightened using CHI Blondest Blonde, following manufacturer’s directions for desired lift.

    Prior to color service, use a generous amount of CHI Keratin Mist spray.

  • 9

    Section the head into six mosaic sections on both sides.

  • 10

    Mix 2 ounces of CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color 7I with ½ inch of 1N and CHI Ionic Color Generator 10 volume. For the second color formula, apply 2 ounces of CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color 11I with ½ an inch of 1N with CHI Ionic Color Generator 10 volume.

  • 11

    In the fringe triangle, apply 7I and 1N at the root area. The length and ends are colored with CHI Chromashine Pastel Blue.

  • 12

    On the other side of the parting, apply at the root area 7I and 1N and color the length and ends with CHI Chromashine Pastel Mint.

  • 13

    Take a small area of the next triangle and color the length and ends with 11I and 1N for separation between the two Chromashine tones.

  • 14

    Continue alternating CHI Chromashine Pastel Mint and Pastel Blue through the length and ends.