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January 20, 2014

Darling Cut and Color from Farouk Systems


Darling Cut and Color from Farouk Systems

Darling—it’s sweet, it’s modern, it’s completely charming—it’s the new look from Farouk Systems Beauty Bash Collection. A cropped bowl cut with fringe lights up with decadent, creamy caramel highlights, giving the overall look a multidimensional charm. This look is soft and feminine and, oh so trendy. This cut and color combo really packs a punch—try it out on your next client.

Who did it

Hair: Farouk Systems Creative Director Patrick Kalle & Maurice Den Exter
Photography: Richard Monsieurs
Makeup: Juliette den Ouden
Wardrobe: Dair by Odair Pereira

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 For more information, visit www.farouk.com.

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  • 1

    Direct the hair into 6 sections and isolate the nape and fringe area.

  • 2

    Project the hair in towards the section and cut the hair with a stationary design line.

  • 3

    The sides are cut with a notching technique in a diagonal line forwards.

  • 4

    At the other side mirror the notching technique from back to front.

  • 5

    The crown area is connected with the razor rotation in the natural fall.

  • 6

    Direct the fringe horizontally and notch the form line.

  • 7

    Point-cut the interior area to create a smooth blend between the layers.

  • 8

    Color Formulas
    Formula A: 1:1 Equal Parts: CHI Blondest Blonde + CHI Ionic Color Generator 10 or 20-volume, depending on the level of the hair*
    Formula B: CHI Chromashine Real Orange

    Section a horseshoe area and backcomb the hair at the base.

  • 9

    Apply Formula A to the ends to lift or lighten the hair. Process hair until you reach a Level 8 or higher.

  • 10

    Rinse and shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo and seal with CHI Ionic Color Lock for 5 minutes. Dry the hair. Apply CHI Chromashine Real Orange to dry hair. Process with low heat for 10 minutes and cool down for 5 minutes. Repeat Step 3.

  • 11