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March 8, 2011

Ken Paves for Hairdo: Loose Chignon


Ken Paves for Hairdo: Loose Chignon

Turn your Hair Do® Wrap Around Pony into a gorgeous and trend-setting loose chignon. Celebrity stylist Ken Paves walks you through each step to create this look that’s perfect for spring.



  • 1

    Put hair into a low ponytail.

  • 2

    Take hold of the three-pronged comb on the inside top of the piece.

  • 3

    Slip the three pronged comb underneath the rubber band in the ponytail to secure the piece.

  • 4

    Now that the three-pronged comb is securely placed behind the rubber band, wrap the one side of the piece and then the other underneath the ponytail base and press together so that the 1½” Velcro® tab on the inside of the piece connects with the Velcro® strip across the top of the piece. Once the Velcro® connection is securely made, wrap the long strip of hair around the top of the pony tail and continue wrapping the strip of hair until it is completely wrapped around the ponytail base.

  • 5

    Secure the strip of hair with the hairpins.

  • 6

    Twist the newly created ponytail, and loosely wrap it around the ponytail base…

  • 7

    …until it is completely wrapped.

  • 8

    Secure chignon in place with hairpins.

  • 9

    Add small claw clips to further secure the piece.

  • 10

    Finish the style as desired.

    Removing the piece
    To remove the piece, first undo the chignon, then unwrap the 14” strip of hair, loosen the Velcro® attachment, and gently lift out the three pronged comb. Pulling or tugging to remove the piece without doing so can result in damage to your own hair.