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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Carefree Waves by Didier Malige for Aveda

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Carefree Waves by Didier Malige for Aveda

Didier Malige created textured and carefree hair at the Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week show. Created were two looks: whirled waves for Band of Outsiders girl and a textured, tousled chignon for Band of Outsiders Boy. “The hair for both looks is textured, matte and has an easy look, almost undone. It’s as if she’s done her hair herself, pulling it back into a loose chignon or letting it fall into natural waves,” says Didier.

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    1. Divide dry hair into two sections with a straight middle part.

    2. Working with one section at a time, twist each section of hair away from the face, while applying Aveda Brilliant Retexturizing Gel.   

    3. Continue twisting hair and working in the gel until hair is nearly saturated.

    4. Holding the twisted section out with your fingertips, use a blowdryer to set hair. Continue blowdrying and twisting until hair is completely dry.

    5. Pin the twist to the side of the head, creating a large spiral. Leave for several minutes to set.

    6. Repeat on the other side of the head.

    7. Once the spirals have set, remove pins so that the twists fall onto each shoulder. Rake hair with your fingers to create waves.

    8. For added texture, scrunch Aveda Pure Hair Abundance Potion into waves.

    9. Finish with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray

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    1. Mist Aveda Air Control Hair Spray throughout hair from roots to ends to texturize the hair and give pliable hold.    

    2. Gently brush hair through using a Mason Pearson brush.

    3. Using a wide-toothed comb, backcomb hair from mid-length to ends, leaving the roots untouched. This creates grip and hold on the hair, making it easier to pull back and secure.

    4. Twist hair back and create a loose chignon at the occipital bone. Pin into place.

    5. Gently backcomb the top layer of hair and the chignon in a feathering motion, creating additional wisps and a slightly “undone” look.

    6. Loosen a few wisps of hair around the face for a natural, slightly mussed feeling.

    7. Hold style in place with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.