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February 22, 2016

How-To: Texturized Blunt Cut and Style


How-To: Texturized Blunt Cut and Style

“Minimal modern structure with a little madness” is how creator Phillip Carreon for Eufora describes this deconstructed, texturized cut accentuated by a modern, wearable style. 

“It’s construction of strong shape, then deconstruction,” notes Phillip, who created the look as part of his “Architexture” Collection. “The diamond shape is a reoccurring shape within the technical workings of the haircut itself as well as the finished look. As I started to workshop the haircut, I kept gravitating to a blunt cut with width near the perimeter. I needed to fuse the structure of a blunt cut from the past with subtle architectural details of the future.”

Here, Phillip shows you how to use his texturizing techniques in your salon to create the ultimate texturized blunt cut.

And click here to watch the video how-to!


  • 1

    With horizontal partings, begin to freehand etch in perimeter with tips of shears, combing through the hair with your styling comb teeth facing you.

  • 2

    Holding the first perimeter section at a 45 degree angle, with comb teeth facing you, free cut into the hair on the bias to alleviate a weighted perimeter.

  • 3

    Part a mid horizontal section from temporal, all the way around to opposite temporal.

    Holding hair at a 45 degree angle, slide your shears down. Follow around to the front of both sides using the same sliding technique.

  • 4

    Drop down the third and final section and dry cut with the same sliding technique, continuing from the back to the front on both sides of the head.

  • 5

    Pull up horizontal sections across both sides of the center part, and remove excess in the center all along the top of the head.

  • 6

    Using your razor, cut your bang section on separate sides of the part by cutting along the edge on the bias from the nose down to mid neck. By using the razor the bang becomes weightless, alleviating any heavy perimeter.

  • 7

    Apply Eufora ElixirOne™ and begin blowout following the same sectioning pattern as the haircut. Smooth hair with the XL Eufora Thermal Round Brush keeping volume at a minimum.

  • 8

    Rotate the round brush, keeping tension high and elevation low to achieve minimum expansion on the lower section.

  • 9

    Lift mid-section onto round brush and elevate out, concentrating the airflow from underneath close to the roots to achieve lift at the base. Follow through the remainder of the sections in the same fashion, rotating to smooth and straighten.

  • 10

    Continue using the same tension, rotating the brush to smooth. Lifting higher, insert the brush in close to the root. Lightly mist Eufora Elevate Hairspray at the base of the section then heat for maximum root lift.

  • 11

    Taking the entire fringe section, roll up and back. Drag the brush low onto the forehead, heat from underneath and allow to cool. Release back.

  • 12

    Roll each side of the center part independently on a 45 degree angle. Heat the brush with the blower, drag the brush across the part and allow to cool.

  • 13

    Using Eufora Full Effect Texturizing Spray, lightly mist roots to mid shaft all through upper and mid sections. Massage into the hair and scalp to rough up interior texture.

  • 14

    Use Eufora Pure Polish to point and smooth all the weightless tips of the hair.

  • 16