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Last updated: June 13, 2018

How-To: Brad Pitt

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How-To: Brad Pitt

No, but the confusion is understandable with this tapered, clipper-over-comb cut with a textured top from Jason Reyes, Grooming Expert and International Trainer for Paul Mitchell.

Jason notes that this clipper cut can be customized to the client’s head shape, making it ideal for weak hairlines or odd growth patterns. Comb it to the side for a clean look; “tszuj” the top lengths for edgy texture. “Build some weight at the parietal ridge to support the top,” suggests Jason. “The tapered edge will provide more mileage for the cut.” Here’s the how-to:


Artist: Jason Reyes


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    Clip away the top section. Start on the right side. Using a clipper-over-comb technique, work to the center back; then continue to the hairline on the other side. Work with a 0-A blade and a clipper comb, hold the comb horizontally, scoop up all the hair and swipe the clipper over the spine of the comb to remove all the hair in the comb.

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    Continue working up to the parietal ridge in this manner, progressing behind the ear. Clipper-over-comb the back of the head using the previously cut hair as the guide. Complete the entire back segment.

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    At the hairline behind the ear, keep the comb parallel to the hairline and refine as you go. Continue until you reach the left-front hairline. Use the comb to help hold the ear down as you clip over the comb. Tighten the sideburn area.

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    Once all the hair has been removed, switch to a 1-A blade. With a scooping, heel-to-toe motion, start at the sideburn hairline and lightly cut short-to-long on top, keeping the clipper in constant motion.

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    At the back hairline and nape, scoop to just below the occipital bone. Do an over-the-ear taper up from the hairline, and use the corner of the clipper to clean around the ear.

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    Section from the crown to the front hairline. Beginning in back, hold the hair straight out and point-cut to the desired length. Work to the front hairline.

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    Create vertical/diagonal back sections off of the center section to blend the sides and point-cut the length. Continue to the front hairline, overdirecting each subsequent section. Complete the entire front panel on each side to just behind the recession.

  • 8

    Apply MITCH® Steady Grip and blow-dry the hair with a Paul Mitchell® 407 Styling Brush. Direct the hair forward using the nozzle and flat wrap the front hairline.

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    Once dry, detail the lengths with point-cutting and use a trimmer to define the hairline and around the ears.

  • 10

    Create definition in dry hair with a matte clay like Matterial by MITCH®.

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