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June 6, 2018

WATCH: 5 Close-Up Men’s Cutting Technique Videos

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WATCH: 5 Close-Up Men’s Cutting Technique Videos

If there’s one thing his 216k Instagram followers know, it’s that Paul Mitchell Art Director Jason Reyes (@iliketocuthair) is devoted to sharing quick and educational technique videos that are equally satisfying to watch. So we pulled five of his most popular close-up men’s cutting quickies for your viewing pleasure! Check ’em out below and learn everything from how to handle the hair up top to Jason’s clean sectioning technique.


1. Cutting The Hair Up Top

Takeaway Tip: Cutting a shorter length on the inside helps support a disconnected cut. Here’s what Jason does: First, he point-cuts the crown area with a finger angle to maintain weight up top. Then, using the previous panel as a guide, he cuts the center section upward with a slight over-direction back. The front panel is then cut with a razor, continuing to follow the previous panel as a guide.


2. Keep Those Sections Clean

Takeaway Tip: Sectioning is key for balance. The V-shape balances the longer front section with the longer back section, which Jason created with over-direction. Once the side sections are cut, Jason then takes diagonal back sections and cuts the bottom with a forward over-direction. Then, he refines and tapers the bottom section with a scissor-over-comb technique.



3. Layering How-To

Takeaway Tip: When cutting medium length layers, Jason sections off the top and divides it down the center from back to front, connecting the guide to the back panel. Then, he works section by section toward the front, cutting with a slight backward over-direction to preserve the length.


4. Creating The Guide

Takeaway Tip: Jason starts the guide where it will be the longest because it acts as the support for the top section and it’s the most important length for the bottom half of the haircut. “I use a vertical diagonal section and finger angle to build weight toward the top,” says Jason. “Shape is very important to me during any haircut and I like to customize to the head shape—that’s the reason for this process.” 


5. A Quick Trim

Takeaway Tip: For a balanced cut, Jason connects the top to the sides with a low elevation and diagonal back sections to preserve the weight in the back. 


Here are four easy ways you can improve your men’s haircuts! 

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