How-To: Blunt Bob + Sun-Kissed Highlights How-To: Blunt Bob + Sun-Kissed Highlights
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Last updated: October 03, 2022

Blunt Bob + Sun-Kissed Highlights

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Blunt Bob + Sun-Kissed Highlights

Bobs are the cool-girl cut right now, and with summer near clients will be itching to ditch their long locks for a super chic blunt cut. Add some subtle, sun-kissed highlights and you’ve got the ultimate summer ‘do. Learn the techniques behind this match made in makeover heaven below from Ulta Beauty Chief Artistic Director Ammon Carver and Pro Team Member Sonya Dove!

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    On wet hair, isolate the fringe from the front extending to the outside corners of the eye. 

  • 2

    Starting on the left side, part the hair from the top of the head to the top of the ear and blunt-cut at the desired length using a comb for control. Then, use a working guide throughout the perimeter to create a one-length bob. 

  • 3

    Then, release the fringe, choose the length and cut at the desired length with a comb for control.

  • 4

    Dry the hair using a cushion brush, then point-cut the perimeter and the fringe for added texture. 

  • 5

    For the color, section the fringe area from ear to ear and clip the sides out of the way. Then, section out the hair at the top of the head using diamond sectioning. 

  • 6

    Then, take a ¼-inch slice on the diamond using a medium weaving technique and apply lightener, feathering the formula up about ¼ of an inch away from the scalp. Make sure the midlenghtns and ends are evenly saturated, then place in between foil to avoid creasing. 

  • 7

    Directly under that foil, take another ¼-inch slice using a heavy weave and continue applying lightener in the same way. Be sure to leave hair in between each foil, then repeat the sections on each side.


    Note: Application is complete once there is a total of eight foils.

  • 8

    At the bowl, tone with Redken Shades EQ 7NGR + 10-volume developer, then rinse and style as desired.

  • 9

    Finished look

  • 10

    Finished look—alternate view

  • BONUS! Watch the color application!

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