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December 5, 2017

Stacked, Full Bob With Fringe


Stacked, Full Bob With Fringe

This is the cut you need to give fine and thinning clients the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Blunt lines contribute to the illusion of fullness, plus a fringe opens up the face and contributes a denser feel. Get the how-to from NIOXIN!


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    Take a center back parting. Begin at the nape with 1-inch diagonal sections. Comb the hair flat against the nape and cut bluntly to define the outline of the cut.

    Pro Tip: Always use blunt lines when cutting fine hair to give the appearance of fullness.

  • 2

    Continue taking 1-inch sections horizontally until you reach the occipital bone. Using the outline as a guide, elevate each section higher to create graduation, beginning at 45 degrees.

    Pro Tip: Choose the appropriate layers to create gentle lift and movement.

  • 3

    Define the outline around to the front, and layer section-by-section with slight graduation.

  • 4

    Take a horizontal section from the occipital to the recession and blend the perimeter with zero elevation.

  • 5

    Repeat on the other side.

  • 6

    Define the length of the interior, graduating to the front at 180 degrees to create a vertical guideline along the Mohawk section. Elevate section-by-section to this guideline before combing back and checking any overlaps.

  • 7

    Make sure the guideline increases in length toward the front. Continue across the top of the head.

  • 8

    Comb the hair down section-by-section with the minimum amount of tension as possible. Cut a fringe to open up or frame the face. This can also help create the appearance of denser hair.

  • 9

    Apply NIOXIN 3D Styling Bodifying Foam throughout the hair. Use a big round brush and blow-dry on medium and heat and speed to avoid electrostatic.

  • 10

    Blend the interior into the outline.

  • 11

    Finished look.

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