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October 21, 2008

Updo How-Tos from the Redken Artistic Team


Updo How-Tos from the Redken Artistic Team

NYC Fashion Week showscases some of the most interesting, creative hair looks for the season, and the Redken Artistic Team was part of the action at shows like Abaete, Carmen Marc Valvo, Gottex and Twinkle, to name a few.  For these shows, the team created gorgeous modern updos your clients are sure to love. They’re romantic, rockin’ and seriously stylish, so give them a try on your clients for their next big event! View the Collection: Spring Fashion Week Hair

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1. Prep hair with fabricate 03 heat active texturizer and blow dry in sections starting at nape of the neck and working upwards.
2. Make a horizontal part 3-4 inches from hairline and clip away from the rest of the hair.

10 Back-comb hair after the part in sections to create a lot of volume all the way to the base (leaving front section straight).
11 Loosely pull back combed hair into ponytail and twist up into a loose French Twist. Secure with pins beginning at the bottom of the twist moving upwards.
12 Leave end of hair sticking out of the French twist for a modern look on an old classic.

6. Pull front section of hair (that was left out of the twist) around the head and secure with pins and workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray.

7. Finish with workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray to hold.


1. Flat iron hair section by section starting at the base of the neck and working upward.

2. Spray workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray on each piece before running flat iron through.

3. Using boar bristle brush, guide iron through each section.

15 Blow-dry with fabricate 03 heat active texturizer applied at the roots.

5. Gather hair into a pony tail in the back of the head, at eye level and secure with a wrap around elastic.

6. Spritz headplay 12 pliable working spray all over top of the head and underneath pony tail for extra hold

17 Wrap ponytail in hairnet and coil around into a bun. Secure with small hair pins.
18 Apply electric wax 11 shine fused texturizer to finger tips and run through top of head starting at forehead to the bun for extra texture and added shine.
19 1. Blow dry in sections starting from the bottom of the head.
2. Flat iron in sections using iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray on each section of hair before straightening.
20 Pull back into tight ponytail (no part)  at ear height and secure with wrap elastic.
21 Spray forceful 23 super strength finishing spray all over head to secure pony tail and touch up any bumps in pony with small comb.

Wrap pony in a loose open chignon counter clockwise and secure end into the bun with bobby pins.


Spritz forceful 23 super strength finishing spray all over chignon to set.

24 Finish by inserting long black barette angling across the chignon, pointing down and to the right.

1. Part hair on the side and smooth curl force 17 texturizing spray gel throughout top and sides of head while pulling back into a side ponytail on opposite side of part.

2. Use a bit of spray starch 15 heat memory styler on the ends to give flexible texture and fight frizz to prep for heat styling.

26 Round small pieces of the ponytail around a 1” curling iron then loosely pin each curled section up into a bun.
27 After all pieces are pinned, spritz quick dry 18 instant finishing spray over bun for a strong hold.
28 Finish by smoothing All Soft Gold Glimmer (or Blonde Glam Crystal Flash for blondes) over top and sides of head (not on bun) by using a small paint brush, for extra shine and dimension.