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Last updated: January 05, 2011

Redken Goldrush Brushed Copper How-To

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Redken Goldrush Brushed Copper How-To

From edgy lamé mini-dresses to glittering brocade, the runways of New York Fashion Week shimmered with accents of gold. This Brushed Copper How-To from Redken is inspired by those golden girls. It’s a subtle-yet-striking look that borrows a technique from the gold jewelry seen on the catwalks. Hair is lightly brushed with a sunlit-copper tone concentrated on the ends to create a shimmering, gold-dipped effect that perfectly enhances texture and shape on choppy cuts.

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    Natural Level: 4

    Base Formula:
    1 ¾ oz. 6Bc Color Fusion
    ¼ oz. Hi Fusion Violet
    2 oz. 20-volume Pro-Oxide Cream Developer

    Highlight Formula:
    1 part Blonde Icing Conditioning Cream Lightener Ammonia Free
    1 part 20-volume Blonde Icing Conditioning Cream Developer

    Glaze Formula:
    1 ½ oz. 09RB Blush Shades EQ
    ½ oz. 06G St. Tropez Shades EQ
    2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution

    For hair with 50% gray or more, replace the base formula with:
    1 ¾ oz. 6NBc Cover Fusion
    ¼ oz. 6NA Cover Fusion
    2 oz. 20-volume Pro-Oxide Cream Developer

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    To create the “paisley swoosh” inlay, first divide the front from the back by taking a parting that starts at the high point of the head and ends at the top of each ear.

    Create a curved teardrop across the top of the head. Place the point on the left side and the wide end on the right.

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    Starting on the left side of the swoosh, take ¼-inch sections using a micro-stitch. Apply Highlight Formula from scalp to ends. Cover with foil.

    Continue taking ¼-inch diagonal section and use a micro-stitch until the swoosh is complete.

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    Apply Base Formula to all remaining hair. Take fine, ¼-inch sections and take care when working in between foils.

    Process at room temperature for 35-45 minutes. Rinse and shampoo with Extreme. Blast dry hair.

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    Apply Glaze Formula in a global application. Process for 20 minutes at room temperature. Rinse and shampoo with Color Extend. Follow with the appropriate Redken Chemistry Shot Phase and Shot Phix.