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Last updated: September 30, 2010

Redken Bold Ambition by Gary Russell

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Redken Bold Ambition by Gary Russell

For the Inspiring World of Redken, Gary combined boldness and strength in both color and design to create nothing short of pure confidence illustrated through hair. “You have to be confident to be that bold and that blonde,” laughs Gary. Keyword search: colorglobal educationredken


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    Make a zigzag section that separates top from bottom. Start on the right side, use the high recession area and corner of the eye as reference points. Move through the parting just below the crown and end on the left side. Isolate the bottom section. To create the crown section, find the high point of the head and carve a circular parting that meets the back parting. Isolate the crown and top sections.

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    Start in the front right side, take a diagonal back section and elevate diagonally with a diagonal finger angle. Point cut with shears. Continue with the same movements with no over-direction to center back. Repeat on the opposite side to complete the side and back sections. Pro Tip: Blow-dry the section and point cut to personalize.

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    In the crown section, take radial sections and elevate 45° above the horizontal. Place fingers diagonally and point cut. Continue through the section with no over-direction.

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    In the top section, take radial sections and elevate 45° above the horizontal. Place fingers diagonally and point cut. Continue through the section over-directing to the previous section.

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    Apply Formula 1 from scalp to ends. Process at room temperature for 30 minutes or until reaching pale yellow. If the ends need additional lift, dry the hair and apply Formula 1 to the mid-shaft and ends only until the lift is even from scalp to ends. Process for up to 50 minutes at room temperature or until reaching a level 9. Shampoo with Extreme and dry the hair.

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    Apply Formula 2 from scalp to ends for up to 20 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo with Color Extend and follow with Redken Chemistry.

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    Formula 1
    – 1 part (20g) Blonde Icing Power Lift
    – 1 part (20g) 30 volume Blonde Icing Conditioning Cream Developer
    Formula 2
    – 1 oz (30ml) 09GB Buttercream Shades EQ
    – 1 oz (30ml) 000 Crystal Clear Shades EQ
    – 2 oz (60ml) Shades EQ Processing Solution


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    Apply aerate 08 bodifying creammousse throughout hair. Use a Denman™ type brush and blow-dry the nape and sides close to the head. Use a medium size round brush and blow-dry the top for volume

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    To create the wave pattern in the front, take a ½” horizontal parting at the hairline. Place a 5/8” curling iron into the back of the parting and direct the “C” formation back. Then place the iron in front, directing the “C” forward. Continue until you meet the end of the section.

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    Lightly backcomb each section and comb into shape until you reach the desired look. Finish with workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray.