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Last updated: June 15, 2017

Ultra-Mod Pixie With Bold Blonde Highlights by Logics

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Ultra-Mod Pixie With Bold Blonde Highlights by Logics

Logics’ OpArt Collection pays homage to the 1960’s era movement that dominated the landscape of  art, fashion and design. This graphic pixie with bold stripes of varying blonde tones, is a look to make Mod postergirls Edie Sedgewick and Twiggy smile. Keep your clients on the cutting edge when what was old once again becomes new with this complete cut, color and style!

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    Starting in the fringe area, create a triangle that extends from the corner of each eye to the top of the head. From each end point, part the hair across the parietal ridge and around the head. Next, take a parting from the top of each ear; clip for control. In the back, part hair below the occipital from ear to ear and take a center parting in this section; clip for control.

    Step 1: Starting in the center nape region, take a 1/2″ vertical sub-section and wet cut no longer than 2″ in length. Utilizing 90° angle and traveling guide, hold section vertically and cut, keeping the shape round to the head. Cross-check.
    Step 2: Starting in the center of the occipital region, and using previously cut hair from nape section as a guide, cut hair vertically using a 45° angle to build weight. Work from the center to behind the ear. Repeat on other side. Complete the entire section, cross-checking horizontally as you work.
    Step 3: On the side temporal region, using guide from behind ear as a traveling guide, work towards face at a 45° angle. Repeat on the other side. Once complete, add styling product and blow-dry all hair using a Denman® brush. Flat iron if necessary.
    Step 4: In crown region, using occipital as a guide, internally carve hair working from short to long towards face.
    Step 5: In the fringe region, using comb control, lay comb on cheek connecting ear lobe to corner of lip. Etch cut strong line. Duplicate on opposite side.
    Step 6: Personalize and refine. Detail lines around perimeter for final shape

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    Natural Level 7 | Medium Blonde
    Formula 1 Base Adjust:
    1 oz. Colorcremes 10N
    1/2 oz. Colorcremes 10V
    1 1/2 oz. 20 Vol. Logics Generator
    Place foils in a 2 : 1 ratio, (2 highlight to 1 lowlight) using the formulas 2, 3 and 4
    Formula 2:
    2 Scoops Light Reactions Powder
    2 oz. 30 Vol. Logics Generator
    Formula 3:
    1 oz. Imprints 8G Sheer
    1 oz. 5 Vol. Logics Generator
    Formula 4:
    1 oz. Imprints 10G Sheer
    1 oz. 5 Vol. Logics Generator

    Sectioning: Working in the fringe region, create a triangle section. Next, create large diamond shaped section at top of head. Moving to rear crown area, create a third triangle. Working off lower points of each diamond, create 4 additional diamonds that extend below parietal ridge.

    Step 1 Foil Placement: A base adjustment was performed using Formula 1 prior to foiling technique. Starting in right front diamond, place diagonal 1/8″ back-to-back slices working from back of diamond towards fringe. Formula ratio is 2 foils of Formula 2 to 1 foil of Formula 3. Repeat technique & placement on front left diamond.
    Step 2 Foil Placement: Working in right rear diamond in crown region, place diagonal 1/8″ back-to-back slices moving from right to left within diamond. Formula ratio is now 1 foil of Formula 2 to 1 foil of Formula 3. Repeat in left rear diamond.
    Step 3 Foil Placement: Working diagonally in center back diamond, place 1/8″ back to back slices moving from bottom to top of diamond. Formula ratio in center back diamond is 1 foil of Formula 2 to 1 foil Formula 3.
    Step 4 Foil Placement: Repeat in top diamond sub-section. Ratio in top diamond is 2 foils of Formula 2 to 1 foil of Formula 1.
    Step 5 Apply Formula 4 to fringe and nape areas. Process accordingly. Rinse, shampoo, condition and style.


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    Shampoo with Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo; condition with Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Conditioner
    Style using:
    Design Pulse Rock N’ Hold Hard Hold Gel
    Design Pulse Thermo Glide Express Blowout Creme
    Design Pulse Hard Lock Extra Strong Hold Hairspray
    Blow-dry with a Denman® brush to smooth. Touch up with a flat iron to detail.