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Last updated: June 22, 2009

Tressa Organic Transitions Long Hair How-To

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Tressa Organic Transitions Long Hair How-To

If your client has long, thick hair and wants to add a little interest to her look, try this cut and color how-to from Tressa and KIS. Plenty of layering, a heavy fringe and the perfect color placement adds up to a trendy style that your client can rock all the way into fall.

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    Use Tressa LITEnUP Dual Moisturizing Powder & Irresistible Deposit-Only Color

    Formula: Do back to back foils in the 4 triangle sections utilizing LITEnUP 2 scoops + 3oz. Colourage Developer 20 volume
    Note: Only allow lightener to lift to an orange stage, rinse lightener and apply Irresistible formula 

    Top of Head: Apply to lightened triangles 1oz. 7N Irresistible Color + 1oz. Irresistible Processor 

    All hair outside the triangle area place: 1oz. 4G Irresistible Color + 1oz. Irresistible Processor

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    Top Section
    Begin sectioning at the outside corner of each eye; section back to just below the crown. Next, direct top section forward and comb straight down; slightly apex the hair and cut blunt. Use the lips or chin as your guide for the length.

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    Bottom Perimeter
    Comb hair straight down and cut the perimeter blunt to desired length. Hair should be left at shoulders or just below for best results

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    Top Sectioning
    Take a zigzag parting down the middle of the head. Then take a parting across the top of the head. Where the zigzag parting and parting across the top of the head intersect, split into 4 triangular sections. Secure each section with clips.

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    Top Triangle Sections
    Make the bottom of each triangular section drop slight over the round of the head. In each triangle place 2 to 3 foil weaves. Place color on hair outside of foils.

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    Blend Top & Bottom Sections
    Blend top section to perimeter line; surface plan working from top of head to bottom perimeter line.
    Note: Surface planning diminishes the disconnect from the top section and perimeter.

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    Optional Heavy Bang
    To add heavy bang, comb hair forward and cut from the outside corner of the eye
    to the center of forehead. Repeat on opposite side.

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    For a smooth look:
    1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
    2. Apply KIS Gel/Wax to wet hair dry
    3. Flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
    4. Apply KIS Shine Serum

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